Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge B L F

Terre Haute Ind April 27th 1876 "Thursday"

Lodge opened in form at 750 PM.

Bro Ebbage in chair. The following brothers held official stations during session. Bro Ebbage M - Bro Wolfe VM - Bro Debs R S. Bro Davis Warden - Bro Mullen Condr - Bro Condiff IG. - Bro Southard OG. - Bro Miller Chaplain and Bro Gould P M. The order of business was proceeded with. 1st Closed 2d Preceding minutes were accepted. 3d Bro Brennan reported in regard to Bro Jeffers. Moved and seconded to allow him $1500 Carried. 4th Closed - 5th Bro Mullen reported in regard to the actions taken in Bro Beckwiths case. 6th Closed - 7th Closed - 8th Moved and seconded to limit the ball payment until next pay day Carried. Moved and seconded to grant Bro Baker a Withdrawal Card and also to donate him the $500 that he had loaned, the Withdrawal Card to be at his choice whether final or to deposit elsewhere. Carried. 9th Closed 10th Closed - 11th 12th 13th Closed 14th Moved and seconded that in future when a proposition for membership was brought up, it should be positively accompanied with $100 or it would not be accepted Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn Carried Members present were Bros Southard Gould Mullen Miller Ebbage Debs Condiff and Wolfe.

Close of Meeting No 67.

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