Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F.

Terre Haute Ind April 6th 1876

Meeting opened in form Bro Gould in chair. Before proceeding Brothers Warren Walker and Condiff were admitted to new works. 1st Closed 2d Preceding minutes accepted 3d 4th and 5th Closed - 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Closed 11th The following bills were presented Engineers for Hall rent $20.00 Bro Bence on account of disability $15.00. Terre Haute Express for printing $4.50. Postage Stamps and Expressage $2.45 these bills were allowed. 13th Bro Debs read a communication from Bros Sayre Beckwith and White. 14th Bro Bakers offense was tried in accordance with the constitution and Bros Debs Brennan Barr Kerlin and Mc Nutt were appointed as a committee of five to try the accused. He was accordingly tried, and upon report of the committee, the lodge balloted for him 3 successive times first for Expulsion 2d for Suspension and 3d for Reprimand. Upon the 1st Ballot he received 1/3 black balls, upon the 2d 5 and upon the 3d all black balls were cast. He was then reprimanded from the Masters Chair and upon promise for a better future behavior, was granted a new Traveling Card. Closed. Mr Spotts was then balloted for receiving and received 1 Black and 11 White Meeting was then closed. Members present were Bros Kerlin P Snider Barr Baker Debs Ganey Walker Davis Gould Condiff Mc Nutt Warren and Brannin

Close of Meeting No 64.

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