Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge B L F

Terre Haute Ind March 9th 1876

Meeting called to order at the regular hour

Bro Gould in chair. The following Officers held stations during session. Bro Gould as Master - Bro Mc Nutt as Vice - Bro Debs as R S. - Bro Bennet as F S - Bro Kerlin as Warden - Bro Miller as Condr - Bro J. Brannen as IG and Bro Mc Gerr as OG. Lodge being opened in form it was moved and seconded that we dispense with the order of business and proceed with the Election of Officers Carried. Nominations were then in order for Master.

The following members were nominated for the chair.
Bro Robert Ebbage and J Kerlin -
Bro Ebbage received 8 votes and Bro Kerlin 2.

Bro Ebbage was declared Master for the ensuing term. Nominations for Vice were Bros Barnes - J. Brannen - Kerlin and Miller - Bro Barnes received 2 votes -Bro Brannen none - Bro Kerlin 5 and Miller 2

Bro Kerlin was declared Elected Vice.

Nominations for R S. were Bros Debs - Mullen and Miller - Bro Debs received 8 votes - Bro Mullen 2 and Bro Miller none - Bro Debs was declared R. S. Nominations for F. S. were Bros Bennet and Mullen. Bro Bennet received 8 votes and Bro Mullen 2. Bro Bennet was declared F. S. for the ensuing term. Nominations for Treasurer were Bros Mc Nutt and A. Mullen - Bro Mc Nutt received 6 votes and Bro Mullen 4

Nominations for Trustees were Brothers Baker J. Brannin - A. Mullen - Wolfe - Barr and Gould. Bro Baker received 5 votes - Bro J. Brannin 4 - Bro A Mullen 3 - Bro Wolfe 8 - Bro Barr 4 and Bro Gould 3. There being a tie between Bros Barr and Brannin those 2 were balloted for Bro Barr receiving 8 votes and Bro Brannin 1. Bro Barr Wolfe and Baker were declared Trustees. Nominations for Warden were Bros J. Brannin Beckwith and Miller - Bro Brannin received 5 votes - Bro Beckwith none and Bro Miller 4 - Bro Brannin was declared Warden. Nominations for Conductor were Bros Mullen Miller and Barnes. Bro Mullen received 9 votes - Bro Miller 1 and Bro Barnes 1. Bro Mullen was declared Conductor.

Moved and seconded that Bro Miller be elected Chaplain Unanimously - Carried.

Bro Barnes was appointed IG and Bro Southard OG for the ensuing term. Bro Wm Davis was apptd Insurance Agent for the ensuing term.

Communication read by Bro Debs in regard to having names of Master and R S. inserted in Engineers Journal. Moved and seconded that we should not expend the sum of $500 for that purpose Carried. Moved & seconded to lend Bro Baker $500 for 2 months Carried.

On motion the lodge was closed in due form. Members present were Bros D Gould - Debs - Kerlin - Bennet - Burns - Miller - J. Brannin - Mc Nutt - Baker and Mc Gerr.

Close of Meeting No 60

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