Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.

Terre Haute Ind Thursday Feb 17th 1876

Members assembled at the usual hour, and the meeting was called to order at 8 OClock P. M.

Brother Mc Nutt was in the chair. The Roll of Officers was called. M Gould - V.M. Mc Nutt + R.S. Debs + T. Ebbage + F. S. Bennet + I. G. Barnes + OG White - Warden Southard - Condr Miller - Chaplain Mullen - P. M. Blair -.

The following Officers held stations during session

Brother Mc Nutt as Master - Bro Ebbage V. M. - Bro Debs R. S. - Brother Beckwith as F. S. and T. - Bro Kerlin Warden - Bro Hasbrook Condr - Bro Barnes I.G. - Bro Snider OG. - Bro Wolfe Chaplain and Bro J. Brannen as P. M. Business was then proceeded with 1st Closed - 2d The minute of preceding meeting were read and accepted. 3d Motion made and seconded to postpone the usual order of business until after the admission of Bro Hasbrook into the new ritual. Carried. Closed - 4th Closed - 5th Bro Barnes of the committee appointed to investigate J. Miller and Conrad Spotts, could make no report as to their standing, as he had no occasion to see them. The committee was left standing until the next meeting. Closed - 6th Closed - 7th Closed - 8th Remarks by Bro Debs in regard to the expulsion of Bro F. Mullen, said that Brother Mullen was not satisfied and intended taking an appeal. The case of Bros Shoemaker and Warren was left over until the next regular meeting. Closed. 9th Closed - 10th Closed - 11th Closed - 12th Closed - 13th Closed - 14th A regular motion was made and seconded to allow Brother Hasbrook the sum of $15.00 from the Treasurey on account of being disabled. Carried.

It was then suggested that the stations of the Chaplain and Outer Guard were vacant, in accordance to which Brother Beckwith was appointed as the regular Outer Guard and Brother Jef Brannen as Chaplain. It was then stated by Brother Barnes that he was compelled to quit firing for the present as he could not make his expenses firing Extras and wished to know if he could tend bar until he could find another situation, without conflicting with the laws of the Brotherhood. This was discussed by all present, when it was moved and seconded that we permit him to accept the situation, with this restriction viz: only until he could acquire another situation Carried unanimously. Closed - 15th Closed - 16th On motion the lodge was closed at 9.30 P.M.

Members present were
Brothers Ebbage - Debs - J. Brannen - Kerlin - Hasbrook - Mc Nutt - P. snider - Barnes and Beckwith

Close of Meeting No 57

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