Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge B L F.

Terre Haute Ind February 10th 1876

Meeting called to order at 7.35 P.M.

Brother Mc Nutt acting as Master, as Brother Gould had not yet been reobligated.

Lodge being opened in form the Roll of Officers was called - Brother Gould Master + V. M. Mc Nutt + R. S. Debs + F. S. Bennet + T. Ebbage + Warden Southard + Condr Miller - IG Barnes + OG. White - Chaplain Fred Mullen - P. M. Blair -

The following appointments were made during session Brother Mc Nutt as Master - Brother Ebbage as Vice - Brother Debs as RS and Conductor - Brother Southard as Treasurer - Bro Baker as OG. - Brother Gould as Warden - Brother Mc Vick as Chaplain and Brother J. Brennan as P M. The lodge was then ready for business

1st Closed - 2d Minutes of preceding meeting were read and adopted - 3d Closed - Regular motion made and seconded to postpone regular order of business until after the reobligation of Brothers Ganey - Barnes - Condiff and D. Gould and also Mr. Beckwith he having been previously elected Carried. - These gentlemen were then initiated according to the new ritual. Closed - The order of business proceeded with 4th Closed - 5th Closed - 6th Closed - 7th Received the following applications J. M. Miller age 25 Residence Terre Haute Occupation Fireman Recommended by Bros Baker and Southard.

C. Spotts - Age 28 years Residence Terre Haute Occupation Fireman Recommended Bros Gould and Baker.

Brothers D Gould Baker and Barnes were appointed as a committee of 3 to investigate these applicants - Closed - 8th Closed - 9th Closed - 10th Closed - 11th Closed - 12th Closed - 13th A Communication of Bro Blaine was read, that brother asking the privilege of admitting the West End Members to the new ritual. This was not granted, but Bro Mc Nutt was appointed to see those members and make the necessary arrangements for their admission . Closed - 14th Remarks by brother present in regard to the misconduct of Bro F Mullen. Reports by members of his contempt toward this organization. Motion made and seconded to try him with ballot box fixed for expulsion charges to be general principles - Carried. Balloting was then proceeded with and the accused was expelled and so declared. Motion made and seconded that to prefer charges as a body against Brothers Shoemaker and Warren, as they had been seen drunk on several occasions, and also for non attendance of meetings. This motion was withdrawn when Brother Gould volunteered to see these brothers and have them appear at the next regular meeting. Closed - 15th Closed - 16th Meeting closed at 12.30 PM.

Members present were Bros Ganey - Ebbage - Mc Nutt - Debs - Southard - Bennet - Beckwith - Condiff - Barnes - Baker - Gould - Mc Vick and Brennan.

Close of Meeting No 56

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