Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge B. L. F.

Terre Haute Ind Jan 27th 1876 "Thursday"

Meeting called to order at 7.35 P.M. The following members held official stations during session.

Bro Ebbage as Master - Bro Bence as V. M. - Bro A Mullen as R. S. Bro Baker as F. S. and T. - Bro Southard as Warden - Bro Barr as Conductor - Bro Wolfe as IG. and Bro Brennan as OG. - Before proceeding Bros Barr and F. Mullen were to be admitted to the new ritual, but Brother F. Mullen withdrew refusing to take the reobligations, as he asserted that it would conflict with his religious duties. The order of business was then proceeded with. 1st Closed - 2d The minutes of previous meeting were read and adopted.

3d Closed

4th Closed

5th The committee appointed to investigate Mr Beckwith reported favorably for that gentleman and the report was accepted. Balloting was then proceeded with the applicant receiving 10 white balls, being unanimously elected. Closed

6th Closed

7th Closed

8th The committee on Ball reported, which was accepted as favorable.

Worthy Master Ebbage then made a few remarks in regard to the new obligation Moved and seconded to ascertain whether Bro F. Mullen would or would not accept the reobligation. Carried. Bros Barr Wolfe and Kerlin were appointed as a committee of three to see Bro F. Mullen. Closed.

9th Closed

10th   "

11th    "

12th    "

13th    "

14th Remarks by Brothers A Mullen Ebbage Wolfe and Baker in regard to the rejection of Thomas Nichols.

15th Closed

16th The lodge was duly closed at 9.45 PM

Members present were Brothers F. Mullen - C. A. Baker - Southard - Bennet - A Mullen - Bence - Wolfe - Barr - J. Brennan and Ebbage

Close of Meeting No 54

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