Terre Haute Ind Sunday Jan 9th 1876

Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B. L. F.

Meeting called to order at 3 OClock P. M.

Brother Mc Nutt in the chair.

The Roll of Officers was called

Mater Gould - V M. Mc Nutt + R S. Debs + F. S. Bennet + Treas. Ebbage + Ward Southard - Condr Miller - Chap. Mullen - I. G. Barnes - OG White + P. M. Blair -

The following appointments were made for the evening

Bro White as Vice - Bro A Mullen as Warden - Bro Bence as Condr - Bro Jeffers as IG - Bro Mc Vick as O G. - Bro Wolfe as Chaplain and Bro J. Brennan as P. M.

The lodge was then opened in form.

Motion made and seconded to have Fin Statement read and have the books turned over to Fin. Secretary and Treasurer - Carried.

Fin. Statement Jan 1st 1876

Receipts since date of organization - $253.00
    "    For 1st annual ball - $116.78
Total Receipts - $369.78
Total Expenditures - $264.65
Amt on Hand - $105.13
Amt Standing out - $ 77.00

The statement was read by Bro A Mullen and was accepted. The books were then turned over to F. S. and T. Motion made and seconded that all members present should be initiated according to new ceremonies - Carried.

The following members were then reobligated by Bro Ebbage.

Bros White - A Mullen - Mc Vick - Ebbage - Debs - Benz - Jeffers - Wolfe - J. Brannen - Hurst - Mc Nutt - P. Snider - Bennet and Baker.

Motion made and seconded that the proposition of T. Nichols should be reconsidered, he having been elected. Carried. The Grounds for a reconsideration were that the candidate was often under the influence of Liquor.

Balloting was then proceeded with and resulted in Mr Nichols receiving 13 Black Balls and 1 White.

He was declared Rejected.

On motion the lodge was closed in form at

5.40 P. M.

Before closing it was moved and seconded that our regular meeting be Thursday Evening of each week, this was carried by a vote of 7 to 6.

Close of Meeting No 51

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