Terre Haute Ind Thursday Dec 23d 1875

Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F.

Meeting called to order at 9.30 P. M. Bro Gould in the chair. Bro Gould stated that this was to be our regular meeting, instead of the following evening on account of the annual ball.

Lodge being opened in form. Mr Clint Gould application was balloted for receiving 8 white balls.

Regular motion made and seconded to dispense with the usual order of business until the following regular meeting Carried.

Wm Brannan - Chas Baker and Clint Gould elected candidates were then admitted in form.

Bros Gould and Mc Nutt were then installed into their respective offices for the ensuing term, according to the ceremonies.

The lodge was then closed in form.

Members present were
Bros D. Gould - Mc Nutt - Debs - Miller - Barnes - McVick - F Mullen - Condiff - Ganey - Brannan - Baker and C. Gould.

Close of Meeting No 49

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