Terre Haute Ind Sunday Dec 19th 1875

Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B. L. F.

Meeting called to order at 3.20 P.M. being special as the Delegates had just returned from the Convention its object being to interview Bros Ebbage and Blaine.

Bro Ebbage was elected to fill the chair and the following appointments were made

A Mullen – F.S. and T. Blaine Warden – Warren Condr and Barnes as IG.

Lodge being opened in form a motion was made and seconded to return the thanks of the lodge to Mr. Fred Fose Engineer for kindness shown our brother delegates.

Also to Mr. Kelker and Grace for favors received. The motion was carried

Bros A Mullen - Mc Nutt and Debs were appointed as the committee on thanks.

Bro Ebbage reported that he had bought a photograph of Delegates at the convention for the use of Vigo Lodge which was unanimously accepted

The members present were then instructed as to the results of the convention and upon suggestion the lodge was closed at 4.30 P.M.

Bros McNutt and Debs were initiated according to the new ceremonies by Bro Ebbage - Members present were - Ebbage - Blaine - A Mullen - Debs Brennan - Warren - Mc Nutt - Barnes - Wolfe and Barr.

Close of Meeting No 48

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