Terre Haute Ind Thursday Dec 2d 1875

Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.

Meeting called to order at 8.20 P.M.

Brother Ebbage was chosen to fill the chair during session. The Roll of Officers was then called

M. Blair - VM Gould - R S. Debs + F. S. Miller + T. Ebbage + Ward Southard + Condr Mullen - I.G. Mullen - OG. Wolfe + P.M. Condiff - Chap. Bence -

Appts made were -

Bro Blaine as Vice - Bro White as Condr Bro Wolfe as IG Bro Ganey as OG and Bro Vick as PM.

The Lodge was then opened in form

Motion made and seconded to admit Mr Barnes before proceeding Carried. Mr Barnes was then initiated.

Motion made and seconded to dispense order of business and proceed to the Installation of Officers and instruction of Delegates. Carried -

The minutes of preceding meeting were read and adopted. Motion made and seconded that Bro Ebbage should appoint the Minor Officers in order to have the annual report completed and sent to the G. S. and T. at once. Unanimously Carried

The appointments for the ensuing year were then made by Bro Ebbage as follows

Brother James Southard as Warden
Brother Harry Barnes as Inner Guard
Brother White (James) as Outer Guard
Brother Mark Miller as Conductor
Brother Fred Mullen as Chaplain

These Officer together with the Elective Officers were then installed according to the Ceremonies with the exception of Bro Gould Master and Bro McNutt Vice Master who were not present. Bro Ebbage officiating as Installing Officer Pro Tem. Brother Condiff being absent.

Motion made and seconded to close the lodge in form and proceed to the instruction of Delegates Carried.

Members present were Brothers Ganey - White - Southard - A Mullen - Miller - McVick - Ebbage - F Mullen - Debs - Wolfe - Blaine - Bennet and Barnes.

The Lodge was then closed in form at 10. O. clock

Upon suggestion of Brother Blaine, the minutes of Instruction to Delegates were not recorded.

Close of Meeting No 45

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