Minute Proccedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F.
Terre Haute Ind Thursday Nov. 11th /75

Meeting called to order at 730 P.M -

Brother Gould in the chair stated that as Bro Sayre was expected to visit our lodge the special meeting was called to order, but as he had not come we should hold a regular meeting and omit the session of Friday 12th. This was adopted. The Roll of Officers was then called.

Master Blair - V. M. Gould + R. S. Debs + F. S. Miller + T. Ebbage - Warden Southard - Condr Mullen + I.G. Mullen + O.G. Wolfe - Chap. Bence + P. M. Condiff -

The following appointments were made for the Evening

Bro Kerlin as Vice - Bro McNutt as F. S. - Brother Oatman of No 14 as Warden - Bro Bence as O.G. - Bro White as Chaplain and Bro Miller as P.M. After the lodge was opened in form a regular motion was made and seconded to omit the order of business until after the admission of Mr. Con Burns - Carried- Mr. Burns was then admitted in due form.

Order of business proceeded with

1st Closed 2d Minutes read and adopted with the exception of an error in the committee apptd to investigate T. Nichols - Bro A. Mullen was on the committee instead of Bro. White.

3d 4th  5th 6th Closed 7th Closed - 8th Bros White - Debs and Gould were apptd to clean the lodge room.

9th 10th 11th 12th 13th Closed

14th The Committee appointed to investigate Mr. Thomas Nichols was left standing until the following regular meeting. Brother Oatman of Eureka Lodge No 14 was then called upon to make a few remarks, which request he complied with by stating his ideas in regard to the instruction of Delegates.

Brother Alex Mullen then stated that reports had been circulated to the effect that Charles A. Baker was a notorious Scab and that a certain Engineer on the Logansport Road could prove the charges.

Worthy Brother Gould then appointed Brothers Con Burns - Mark Miller and Charles McNutt to interview the Engineer privately and obtain all information in regard to the Character and general standing of Mr. Baker, and also in regard to the charges.

Closed - 15th Closed - 16th

The lodge was closed in due form at 10 OClock P.M.

Close of Meeting No 42

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