Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L.F.
(Terre Haute Ind Thursday Evening Nov 4th/75)

Meeting called to order at 8 OClock P.M.

Brother Kerlin was elected to fill the chair during session. The Roll of Officers was then called -

M. Blair - V. M Gould - R. S. Debs + F. S. Miller + T. Ebbage - Warden Southard - Condr Mullen + I.G. Mullen - OG. Wolf + Chap Bence - P.M. Condiff -.

The following appts were made for the Evening

Bro White as V. M - Bro Miller as Treas. Brother A.J. Mullen as Warden - Brother McNutt as Condr - Brother Jeffers as I. G. - Bro Bennet as Chaplain and Bro Barr as P. M. The order of business was then proceeded with

1st - the Roll of Members was called.

2d - " Minutes of Preceding meeting were read and adopted.

3d - 4th - 5th - 6th - Closed - 7th Received application for the admission of T. Nichols - Age 26 - Res T. H. – Occ - Fireman P and D. R. R. Recommended by Bros White and Condiff. Bros Miller, White and Wolf were apptd as committee of investigation. Closed

8th The letter of Bro Sayre was read in regard to the Card of Withdrawal Card of Brother Krapf. Motion made and seconded that the card should be presented to Brother Krapf without further collection of Dues Carried. Closed. 9th - 10th 11th 12th 13th Closed - 14th Motion made and seconded that we should take Bro J. Kellys case in hand at once Carried. It was then reported by the R. S. that Brother Kelly had been notified of the charges having been prepared against him but had neglected to stand trial, although he had promised to present himself for investigation and therefore was guilty of Contempt of Lodge.

The Ballot Box was then brought forth with penalty fixed for expulsion Balloting was proceeded with and Bro Kelly recieved 11 Black Balls, there being 11 members present. He was declared expelled Motion made and seconded that the Charges should be 1st Contempt of Lodge - 2d Unbecoming Conduct - 3d Defrauding the Lodge.

Motion made and seconded that the Brothers of the West Div of the Vandalia R.R. should have the privilige of having a ball in the name of the Brotherhood providing said brothers were willing to manage the affair - Carried. Motion made and seconded to close the lodge before proceeding with the Election of Delegates. Carried Closed

15th Closed

16 "        "       The Lodge was duly closed at 9.30

Election of Officers

No 1 Brother Gould present V. M. was unanimously elected as Master for the ensuing year. receiving 11 votes.

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Election of Officers (Continued)

Nominations for Vice Master were Bros M. Miller - C. Mc Nutt and D. Wolfe.

Bro Miller reciveing 4 votes - Bro Mc Nutt 6 and Bro Wolfe 1 - Bro Mc Nutt was declared elected.

Nominations for R. S. were Bro Debs, he being unanimously reelected.

Nominations for F. S. were Bros Bennet - Miller and Alex Mullen - Bro Bennet receiving 5 votes Bro Miller 4 and Bro Alex Mullen 2.

Brother Bennet was declared duly elected.

Nominations for Treasurer were Bros Ebbage and Bence - Bro Bence receiving one vote and Bro Ebbage 9 Total 10 votes Brother Bennet having left.

Bro Ebbage was declared Treasurer for the ensuing term.

Nominations for Trustees were Bros Barr - Miller - F. Mullen - Wolfe Kerlin and White.

Bro Barr Received 7 votes - Bro Miller 4 Brother F. Mullen 2 - Bro Wolfe 8 - Bro Kerlin 8 and Bro White 1 - Total 30 votes

Bros Barr, Wolfe and Kerlin were declared Trustees.

The Meeting was the Closed at 10.20 P.M.

Close of Meeting No 41

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