Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F
Terre Haute Ind Friday Sep 17/75

Meeting assembled and members called to order at 8.30 P.M. Brother Ebbage was unanimously elected to fill the chair for the evening.

Brother Ebbage then arose and stated that Brother Alex Mullen had the keys of the boxes in his possession and that as we could not get the necessary books it would be impossible to proceed with the order of business. Brother Mullen then arrived and said he had just got in off the road and had not time to get the keys.

Motion made and seconded that the Roll of members should be called, and also that the minutes of the 2 preceding meetings should be read. and Omit the order of business - Carried. The Roll was then called and the minutes of the two preceding meetings (Regular and Special) were read and approved. Before closing it was deemed necessary to amend the By Law passed July 23d in regard to the fine of 25 cts.

Regular motion made and seconded that it should only be enforced at Regular meetings - Carried.

On motion the lodge was closed at 10 OClock.

Members present were
Bros Ebbage - Debs - White - Bennet - Warren - Austermiller - Mullen and Bro Laughlin of Eureka Lodge No 14.

Close of Meeting No 33

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