Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Thursday Aug 26/75)

Members assembled at 8.00 P.M. and Brother Debs was elected to occupy the chair.

The lodge was then opened in form. Appts made were Bro Ebbage as Vice - Bro Alex Mullen as R. S. Bro Lyman as F. S. - Bro McGerr as Treasurer Bro Bennet as Condr - Bro Bence as I G. Brother Barr as O G. and Bro Quiett as Chaplain.

Lodge then declared ready for business.

1st Complete Roll of members was called, and Bro Shewmaker, was found legible to a fine of 25 cts.

2d The minutes of preceding meeting were read and adopted.

3d Closed - 4th Closed - 5th Closed - 6th Closed - 7th Received proposition of John Mancourt - Age 18 - Residence Terre Haute Occupation Fireman Recommended by Bros Debs and Mullen. Also George Miner, Age 31 - Residence Paris Ill Occupation Fireman Recommended by Bros Debs and White. These gentlemen being well known, as moral and industrious were forthwith balloted for each receiving 11 white balls, they were both declared elected. Mr Quiett and also Mr Fox, elected Candidate for admission were initiated with all due ceremony. Closed. 8th Motion made and seconded that we take no action in Brother Kelly's case, until Brother Ebbage had seen him and reported. Carried Closed. 9th Brother Southard paid his Dues up to the 1st of September. Closed

10th Closed - 11th Closed - 12th Closed - 13th Closed - 14th Brothers Maney and Simmons of Leach Lodge No 17, and Brother Messer of Eureka Lodge No 14 having been visitors during session, were kindly asked by the members to make a few remarks in regard to the B of L F. which they cheerfully complied with, whereupon our brothers also exchanged a few friendly words, wishing one anothers' lodges success and Friendship - Regular motion made and seconded that the following should be a By Law of our lodge. - That when a brother was caught drunk by another brother, he should be reported in open lodge and for the first offense receive a reprimand, for the 2d offense suspension and for the 3d offense Expulsion. Unanimously Carried. Closed - 15th Recipets of the evening $12.00 . Closed - 16th the lodge was duly closed at

                                                        11.15 PM

Close of Meeting No 29

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