Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Friday Aug 20 / 75)

Members assembled and there being a quorum present although both Master and Vice Master were absent, Bro Alex Mullen was unanimously elected to fill the chair. The Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair - V. M. Gould - R S. Debs + F. S. Miller + T. Ebbage - Ward. Southard - Condr Mullen + I.G. Mullen - O G. Wolf - Chaplain Bence + P.M Condiff -.

Appts made for the evening were -

Bro White as Vice - Bro Miller as Past Master - Brother Kirlin as Warden - Bro Brennan as Treasurer Bro Debs as Conductor - Bro McVick as IG. and Bro Ganey as OG. The lodge was then opened in form and declared ready for business by the Master.

2d The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and unanimously adopted Closed -

3d -    Closed -   4   th    Closed -

5th -        "     -   6    "         "     -

7th The following proposition came to hand - J. Clinch - Age 20 years residence Effingham Ill Occupation Fireman Vandalia R R. Recommended by Brothers Miller and Snyder

Harvey Reed - Age 31 years Residence T. H.Occupation Engineer P and D R R. Recommended by Bros White and McGerr. Closed - 8th Brother Alex Mullen reported that he had presented Mrs Kelly with the $23.00 Donated by the lodge on afe of Bro. Kelly's Death. also that Mrs. Kelly tendered her thanks to the lodge for their kind benefit. Closed

9th Mr. Charles Bennet elected candidate was initiated according to the rituals of the Fraternity. Closed

10th -        Closed   11th -       Closed -

12th -           "         13th       Bro Debs read letter from Grand Master Leach in regard to the jewell question, No actions were taken.

The preambles and resolutions passed by the Vigo Lodge, on the Death of Brother Kelly were read in open lodge and placed in full on the minute proceedings.

"In Memoriam"

At a special meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman held at the Engineers Hall July 18 / 75 the following preambles and resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, The members of this lodge are called upon for the first time to drape their Lodge Room in mourning it having been the will of Divine Providence, to call from our midst a brother and companion

Whereas, It pains us to be called upon to announce the death of our highly esteemed brother, Andrew Kelly, who met his death in such a melencholy manner, by falling under the train while endeavoring to get on the same while in motion; Therefore, be it --

Resolved, That we deeply deplore the loss of a brother and Friend, who has been taken so suddenly from our midst while in the full vigor of life and manhood.

Resolved, That we humbly bow in submission to the will of our Lord and Master, who has deprived us of our worthy brother and associate; and as life is so uncertain we deeply feel how necessary it is, to be prepared at all times to meet the summons.

Resolved, That in the death of Bro Kelly, Division 16 has lost a good member, whose kind qualities of heart and mind had endeared him to all.

Resolved - That our sympathies be extended to the afflicted family in their bereavement, assuring them that as they mourn the loss of a dutiful son and brother, so we feel the loss of one whose memory will ever be dear to us.

Resolved - That the hall and charter of the lodge be draped in mourning for the space of Thirty(30) Days in token of respect to the memory of Deceased.

Resolved - That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the Terre Haute City Paper for publication, and a copy be forwarded to the mother of Deceased, and also a copy be placed on the minute proceedings of the Lodge.

          Fredrick H. Mullen
          Eugene V. Debs } Committee
          John J. Kerlin

This order of business was then closed.

14th Balloting was declared in order John Clinch and Harvey Reed.

they elected unanimously and notified of their election by the Rec Secretary. Closed

14th Regular motion made and seconded that the Secretary should be required to write to Brother James Kelly Mattoon Ill and ask a settlement of him as soon as possible, or to ask him to pay at least part and a failure to do so, would result in definite actions in regard to the matter carried Closed

15th Closed

16th The complete Roll of Officers and members was called and all were found excusable for not being present with the exception of Brother Wesley Warren, who according to rules was fined 25 ¢.

The lodge was then closed in form at
    9.55 P.M.

Close of Meeting No 28

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