Minute Proceedings of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Thursday Aug. 12 / 75)

Meeting assembled and called to order at 8.30 P.M.

The Roll of Officers was then called -

Master Blair - V. M Gould + R. S. Debs + F. S. Miller - T. Ebbage - Ward. Southard + Condr. Mullen + I. G. Mullen - O G. Wolf - Chaplain Bence - P. M. Condiff -.

Lodge was then opened in form and declared ready for business. The following appointments were made for the evening -.

Bro Kirlin as V. M. - Bro Shoemaker as I.G. - Bro Chapel as O G. - and Bro Debs as P. M. The order of business was then proceeded with. 2d The minutes of preceding meeting were read and adopted. Regular motion made and seconded to postpone the usual order of business until after the admission of Wesley Warren and Geo Lyman, elected candidates, who were in waiting for admission. Carried They were then initiated into the fraternity with all due ceremony. Order of business resumed 3d Closed 4th Closed. 5th Bros Southard and Mullen reported Bro Barr sick, upon which the Act. Master instructed all present to visit sick brother, and see if he was in need of anything. Closed - 6th Closed - 7 Closed 8th Motion offered by Bro Debs to present, the mother of deceased Bro Kelly, with the $2300 as agreed upon, the following day. Seconded and Carried. Bro Alex Mullen was appted as a committee of one, to obtain the money of the Treasurer and present the same to Mrs Kelly. Closed - 9 Closed - 10 Closed - 11 The following Bills were presented and allowed.

M. Christgen to making of closet for Regalias         $1000

Clarks Co New York - for Jewels and Charges        $1800

Ryce and Co City - " Crepe and Ribbon                  $ 145


12 Closed - 13th Closed - 14th Motion made and seconded, that 3 collectors should be apptd whose duty it should be to collect each month of each member the dues - fines - fees etc in full of assessment Carried.

Acting Master Gould stated that he would leave the appointments to Brother Blair's discretion. Closed. 15th Closed

16th The Roll of members was called and all absent were found excusable.

        The order of business being completed, the meeting was called to a close, and the lodge was adjourned in due form.

Close of Meeting No 27

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