Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Friday evening July 23d 1875)

Members assembled and at 8.20 the members were called to order. At the request of the Master the Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair + V. M. Gould - R S. Debs + F. S. Miller - Treasurer Ebbage - Warden Southard - Condr Mullen + I G Mullen - O G. Wolf - Chaplain Bentz - P. M. Condiff -

The following apointments were made for the evening.

Bro Kirlin as Vice - Bro Debs as F S. and Treasurer. Bro Barr as Warden - Bro White as I G. - Bro Chapel as O G. and Bro Hurst as Post Master. The order of business was resumed.

2d Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. 3d Closed - 4th Closed - 5th Bro Debs stated to the lodge that he had been authorized by Bros Bentz and Southard who could not be present, to report favorably for Wesley Warren, that they had asked him all the required questions, and he had answered them favorably. The report was accepted and Mr. Warren was balloted for receiving 7 white balls. Bro Debs then read a letter received from Cedar Rapids, in regard to Chas. Bakers proposition, and after a great deal of evidence was brought up, Mr. Baker was balloted for, by unanimous request of the lodge. Balloting resulted unfavorably for the applicant, he receiving 6 Black Balls and 1 white. Mr. Baker was rejected and so declared, and the R. S was instructed by the Master to take actions as provided for by the constitution in case of rejection. Closed - 6th Closed - 7th Received application for the admission of James Maloney, Age 21 years, Residence Indianapolis, Ind - Occupation Fireman Vandalia R. R. Recommended by Bros Mullen and Mc Gerr. The greater part of the Bros present being acquainted with Mr Maloney informed those unacquainted with him of his general standing and Character, and he was immediately balloted for, balloting resulting favorably, receiving 7 White Balls. He was then notified of his election by the R. S. Closed - 8th Bro Sayres 3 decisions were read by the R. S. in answer to the 3 appeals. Motion made and seconded that Master Blair should decide how the By Law in regard to immediate balloting should be, and that his decision should be sustained. Carried. Master Blair, then stated that the By Law should remain unaltered. This settled all difficulties and disagreements. Bro White desired that we should take some action concerning Geo Lyman's application, as it had been sent 3 or 4 weeks ago. By request of Master Blair, Bros White and Mullen expressed their opinion to the effect that they thought Mr Lyman a good man etc and worthy of membership, this was satisfactory to those not acquainted with the applicant. He was balloted for receiving 7 white balls. The master declared him elected. Closed 9th Closed 10th Closed 11th Bro Debs presented bill for insertion of resolution in memory to Bro Kelly. The bill was allowed. Bros Mullen and Debs were appt as com. to ask retention of said $1.00 as it was thought unjust. Motion made and seconded that the complete Roll of Members should be called at every meeting, and those absent and not giving a lawful excuse, should be fined in the sum of 25 cts, the same to go into effect the second regular meeting from this Carried. The master then stated that hereafter a quorum should consist of at least 7 members, and any number less than that could transact no business. Closed. The lodge was closed at 11.10

Close of Meeting No 24

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