Meeting of Vigo Lodge No16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Sunday July 18/ 75)

Meeting of this date called, by special request of Master Blair, in order to settle all debts, and make necessary donation in the cause of the death of Brother Kelly, also pass resolutions in memory of deceased. Lodge being open in form, the Roll was called. Master Blair + V. M. Gould + R. S. Debs + F. S. Miller + Treasurer Ebbage - Warden Southard + Condr Mullen + I G. Mullen + O G. Deceased - Chaplain Bentz - P. M. Condiff -.

The following appointments were made for the evening.

Bro Miller as Treasurer - Bro Wolf permanently appointed as OG. Bro Hurst as Chaplain and Bro Kirlin as Vice.

Messr Mc Nutt and Snyder elected candidates were announced in waiting for admission, and Master Blair said as there was a good opportunity, we would initiate them at once.

They were accordingly admitted in due form. Motion made and seconded to see the Fillmore Doctors, and ascertain whether the R. R. Co would be responsible for the debt involved in Bro Kelly's death, or whether they would collect the same from the B of L F. in case the R. R. Co. refused the payment of the same, as Bro Mullen had engaged their services. The motion was carried. Bros Blair, F. Mullen, and Southard were the appt committee. Motion made and seconded that a committee should be appted to draft resolutions in memory to Bro Kelly, the same to be published in City Papers, and a copy be presented to the mother of deceased brother, and also a copy be placed on the minutes of the lodge. the motion was carried. Bros Mullen, Kerlin and Debs were appointed as the committee. Motion made and seconded that the sum of $23 00 be appropriated to the family of Bro Kelly clear of all expenses. Carried. Motion made by Master Blair to amend former motion, to the effect that the said appropriation should not be paid until after the lapse of two weeks, the motion was seconded and carried.

On motion the meeting was called to a close by the Master at 4.25 P. M.

Close of Meeting No 23

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