Terre Haute Ind July 15th 1875(Thursday)
(Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.)

Members assembled and as the Master was not present Bro Gould V. M. occupied the chair during session. Meeting called to order at 8.10 and the Roll of Officers was called

Master Blair - V. M. Gould + R S. Debs + F. S. Miller - T. Ebbage + Condr Mullen + Warden Southard + I. G. Mullen - O G. Kelly - Chaplain Bentz - P M Condiff -

Appointments were made as follows for the evening

Bro Kirlin as Vice - Bro Debs as F. S. Bro Chapel as I. G. - Bro Davis as O. G. - For lack of members present the chairs of the P. M. and Chaplain were left vacant. Closed.

Before proceeding with the business, Act. Master Gould arose, and addressing his remarks to the lodge, said in a few brief words, that undoubtedly all present were aware of the sad accident, that occurred to one of our best brothers, only a few short hours ago, who but at the last meeting, had filled his usual station as OG. All brothers present expressed their deepest sympathy for poor Bro Kelly, with whom they had all been in the habit of exchanging a friendly word and receiving one of the pleasant smiles, he was so want to wear upon his honest face, but now he lay cold and lifeless, in the embrace of death. The details of the unfortunate brothers mishap, were discussed so that all brothers present were, as nearly as could be ascertained, acquainted with all the circumstances. Bro Gould moved that we omit all order of business, and make arrangements for the burial of the departed brother, this was seconded and carried. Act Master Gould then appointed Bros A. Mullen, Debs – and upon suggestion himself, to make all arrangements. On motion the lodge was closed at 9.10

Close of Meeting No 22

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