Meeting of Vigo Lodge No16 B L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Friday July 9th 1875)

At 8 OClock PM. V.M. Gould took the chair, in the absence of Master Blair, and called the meeting to order.

The Roll of Officers was called

Master Blair - V. M. Gould + R. S. Debs + F. S. Miller + T. Ebbage - Warden Southard - Condr Mullen + I. G. Mullen + O G Kelly - P. M. Condiff + Chaplain Bentz +.

The following appointments were made for the evening, viz:

Bro Kirlin as V. M - Bro Miller as Treasurer - Bro Mullen as Warden Bro Debs as Conductor and Bro Davis as O. G.

Motion made and seconded to postpone order of Business until after the admission of George Hasbrook, who was announced in waiting, he having been duly elected. Carried.

He was accordingly initiated according to the rituals of the Brotherhood.

The order of business was then proceeded with. 2d the minutes of previous meeting were read and unanimously adopted with the exception of Bro F. Mullen, who took an appeal from the decision of the chair, and also the Lodge, which was submitted to the R. S. in writing and read from his desk, with instructions to send the same, with all certified charges and grounds thereof to the Grand Secretary. Closed - 3d Closed - 4th Closed - 5th Bros Bentz, Shewmaker and Mullen failed to report concerning the investigation of Wes. Warren, cause not given, and Bro Southard was appointed in the place of Bro Mullen. Closed - 6th George Hasbrook brook was initiated with all due ceremony. Closed – 7 The following applications came to hand, and were read by the R S. and on motion each one was considered as read. 1st

O. E. Fox - age 21 - Res. Gilman Hls - Occ. Engineer - Rec. by Bros White and McGerr. Motion made and seconded that he should be balloted for immediately. When question was stated by the Master, Bro Debs informed the Master that he was not acquainted with Mr. Fox, and consequently could not vote, and protested against his being immediately balloted for. The chair however was sustained and the motion carried, from which Bro Debs took an appeal.

The result of Mr. Fox's Balloting was favorable Receiving 11 white balls. application No 2 was Philip austermiller, and all being acquainted with him he was balloted for receiving 11 w. balls and 1 black. Mr austermiller was declared elected - Age 21 - Res T. H. Occ. Engineer Recommended by Bros Debs and Southard.

application No 3 was C. Bennet - age 20 - Res T. H. Occupation Dispatcher of Engines Recommended by Bros Debs and Southard. Mr Bennet being well known by all, was immediately balloted for receiving 12 white balls, and was declared elected. 8th Closed - 9th Closed - 10th Closed - 11th Closed - 12 - Closed - 13th Closed 14th Bros Vick, Hasbrook and Wolf were apptd as a committee to wait on Engineers and see if they desired the B L F. to assist in the funeral of Milo Eames, the unfortunate Engineer. Closed - 15 Closed - 16 Bro Gould stated to the lodge that he desired a Traveling Card, ere long, which was unanimously granted, allowing Bro Gould the privilege of taking the same whenever desirable

On Motion the meeting was duly closed at 10.40 P M.

Close of Meeting No 21

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