Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L. F.
(Terre Haute Ind Friday June 25th 1875)

Meeting assembled at 8.00 PM, and in the absence of both Master and Vice Master, Bro Fred Mullen was unanimously elected to fill the chair during the evening. The following appointments were made by the chair, viz Bro Kirlin as Vice - Bro Ebbage as F S. - Bro Alex Mullen as Warden - Bro Brennan as Conductor - Bro Chapel as I G. Bro Barr as P. M. Bro White as Chaplain and Bro Wolf as O G. The Lodge was then opened in form and the Master declared it ready for business.

1st The Roll of Officers was called

Master Blair - V M. Gould - R S Debs + F. S. Miller - Treasurer Ebbage + Warden Southard - Condr Mullen + I G. Mullen + O G. Kelly - Chaplain Bentz - P. M. Condiff -. Closed.

2d The minutes of previous meeting were read and adopted - closed. 3d - Closed. 4th - Closed. 5th - Bros Wolf, Ganey and Miller the committee appointed to investigate Wm Blaine, reported favorably of the gentleman, and he was forthwith balloted for. Balloting was favorable, receiving 9 white Balls, total number of ballots cast. Closed. 6th Closed. 7th The following applications came to hand. viz: C Mc Nutt Age 27 years Residence T. H. Occupation Fireman. M Hurst Age 27 years Res T. H. Occupation Fireman. C. A. Baker Age 27 years Res T. H. Occupation Fireman. Recommened by Bros Ebbage and Southard. Closed. 8th Closed - 9th Closed - 10th Closed - 11th Bro Blair presented bill on acct of regalias purchased of G. M. Black Indpls for fringes and stars, to the amt of $11. 25/100. Bro Debs presented Bill for Pitcher, Tumbler, and Postage Stamps to the amt of $3.50/100. both of which were accepted. Closed. 12th Closed - 13th Bro Sayre's letter of June 19th was read in open lodge by the R. S. Closed. 14th Bro F. Mullen requested the lodge to take a point in Bro Sayre's letter into consideration, in regard to the initiation of members, without the delay of time required by the constitution. The facts involving the debate on that subject, which took place 2 or 3 meetings prior to this one, were explained by the master. Brothers will remember, that worthy Bro Mullen appealed from the action of the lodge and decision of the chair, at that time, the nature of which the R. S. transmitted to the Grand Lodge. The Grand Officials decided the matter to this effect – That when a man was was well known as being reliable etc, by the greater part of the brothers, it was not necessary to delay the Initiation longer then the night his name is brought up for Ballot. Provided We had passed a ByLaw, that when we are well known to the applicant, we shall act as one body of investigation and admit him same night the application is received. Bro F. Mullen occupying the chair, made a motion that the ByLaw be accepted, which was seconded and carried. Suiting the action to the word, the master declared balloting in order for Messrs McNutt and Hurst, which was proceeded with and resulted in each receiving 9 white balls. They were then declared elected and notified thereof by the R. S. Bros Wolf - Blair - and Barr were appointed as a regular committee and Bros Debs - White - Ebbagge and Wolf as a special committee to investigate C. A. Baker. This being arranged Bro Ebbage stated that he desired a to take a trip East, and desired a Traveling Card, which was unanimously granted Dated June 25th 1875 Closed - 15th Closed - 16th Motion made and seconded to adjourn - Carried - The lodge was duly closed at 9.30 P. M.

Close of Meeting No 19

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