Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L. F.
(Terre Haute Ind June 17th (Thursday) 1875)

Meeting called to order at 8 Oclock. There being neither Master, nor Vice Master present, Bro F. Mullen was unanimously elected to occupy the chair during session. The following appointments were made by the Master. Bro Condiff as V. M. Bro Ebbage as Fin Secretary - Bro Kirlin Conductor Bro Wolf I. G. - Bro - Bro Davis O. G. - Bro Alex Mullen as Chaplain and Bro Chapel of Div 14 as P. M. Lodge being open and ready for business the Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair - V. M. Gould - R. S. Debs + F S. Miller - Treasurer Ebbage + Warden Southard + Conductor Mullen + I. G. Mullen + O G. Kelly - Chaplain Bentz - P M Condiff +.

2d - The minutes of previous meeting were read and adopted 3d Closed - 4th Closed - 5th Closed - 6th Closed - 7th Received application for the admission of Wm. Blaine Age 24 years Residence Effingham Ill. Occupation Fireman - Recommended by Bros Miller and Ganey. A committee of investigation viz: Bros Miller, Wolf and Ganey was appointed to report at next regular meeting. Closed. 8th Closed 9th Closed - 10th Closed - 11th The following bills were presented and allowed - B of L F. to G. M. Black Indpls for velvets etc $26.55.

The same to Wilson Bros and Hunly for trimmings etc $9.82 - Acct Regalias. 12th - Trustees reported Books and Finance correct up to June 1st. 13th Bro Debs read communication from Bro Sayre. 14th Closed 15th Closed - 16th The meeting was called to a close at 10.00 PM.

Close of Meeting No 18

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