Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B og L F.
(Terre Haute Ind June 11th 1857(Friday)

Meeting called to order at 8.10 P. M. promptly. Master Blair in the Chair. Lodge being open in due form, the Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair + V. M. Gould - R S. Debs + F S. Miller - Treasurer Ebbage + Warden Southard - Conductor Mullen + I G. Mullen + O G. Kelly + P M. Condiff - Chaplain Bentz -

The following appointments were made for the evening viz. Bro Barr as V.M. Bro Ebbage as FS. Bro Girard as Warden Bro Kirlin as PM and Bro Chapel as Chaplain. closed. 2d - The minutes of previous meeting were read and adopted. closed. 3d - closed - 4th - closed - 5th The committee of three viz: Bros White, Ebbage, and Barr, reported that they had investigated J. Pruitt of the P and D RR. and that he had not been firing the required length of time and consequently could not be admitted at present, said that his year would be up in September, and that he would leave his proposition fee stand until that time. Closed. 6th - Closed - 7th Closed. - 8th Closed - 9th Bro Kirlin paid initiation and Proposition Fees also Dues until the 1st of October. 10th closed 11th closed 12th Bro Debs made the following financial statement.

Total receipts up to date $319.50 - Total Expenditures up to date $185.95 amt in Treasury $133.55. Unpaid dues $15.50 - Unpaid Initiation and Proposition Fees $13.00 - Total receipts and dues $348.00 Amt on hand and due the lodge $162.05. The statement was approved. Closed. 13th Bro Debs read in open lodge a communication recd from Bro Sayre and the Ft. Wayne Lodge. Closed – 14th Bro Debs reported that since Bro J Kelly was on the I and S L R. R. and could not attend our meetings, it would be a good idea to elect another trustee in his place, as it was time to make the quarterly statement, and have the Treasurer's and Financial Secretary's books examined. Bro Debs made this a motion which was seconded and carried. Bros Kirlin and F. Mullen were then nominated to fill the office. Balloting was then in order, resulting as follows - Total number of votes cast 10 each receiving 5. The Master then ordered that we should vote again saying that he would withdraw his vote. Balloting then resulted - Total number of votes cast 9. Bro Mullen receiving 6 and Bro Kirlin 3. Bro Mullen was declared elected. It was then decided that trustees should report at next regular meeting. 15th Closed 16th The Lodge was closed at 10.20 P. M.

Close of Meeting No 17

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