Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Thursday June 3d 1875)

Meeting assembled and called to order at 8.00 P. M.

Master Blair in the chair. Lodge being open the Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair + V M. Gould + R S. Debs + F S. Miller + Treasurer Ebbage + Warden Southard + Conductor Mullen - I G Mullen + O G. Kelly - Chaplain Bence + P. M Condiff -

The following appointments were made by the Master.

Bro Goard of Div 6 as Conductor - Bro Ebbage as P M - Bro White as OG. and Bro Wolf as I G, in the place of Bro Mullen, who gave suitable proof and excuse for not desiring to fill the station during the evening. The lodge was then opened and declared ready for business by the Master.

The Order of Business was then proceeded with. 2d The minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted - 3d - 4th - 5th the committee of three, viz; Bros Bentz – Barr – and Ebbage reported favorably for Fred Shewmaker, John Kerlin, James O'Connel and Purley Snyder. Said they could acquire no information concerning Julian Pruitt. Balloting was then in order for Messrs Shoemaker - Kerlin - O'Connel and Snyder, resulting favorable for all, no black balls having appeared. - 6th Messrs Shoemaker and Kerlin being present were initiated with all due ceremony. Bro J. D. White, who had taken a withdrawal card May 16th, wished to deposit the same again, He was balloted for and the result was favorable. 7th - 8th Bro Mullen demanded a financial statement of the committee of three viz; Bros Ebbage, Miller, and Debs, appointed May 9th. Bro Mullen was informed that the statement had been made at the last regular meeting, but the brother was not satisfied, said that any member had right to call for statement at any time, and said request must be complied with. Bro Debs reported that statement was not in his possession, in accordance to which Bro Ebbage reported that he had a statement of the condition of the Treasury etc, and made a motion that it should be read in open lodge for Bro Mullens benefit, to this the brother objected, saying that the aforesaid motion was out of order, as personality should be avoided. The Worthy Master then interfered, and said that the motion was in order, and waiting for a second. Motion seconded by Bro Miller and carried. The statement was accordingly read in open lodge. Bro Mullen again demanded a full financial statement, To which Bro Ebbage replied by saying that it was impossible to do so at present but it should be done at the next regular meeting, and made a motion to that effect which was seconded and carried. Bro Mullen therefore offered a protest against the proceedings in that direction, still insisting on a financial statement, and also saying that reproachful language had been used toward him. The Master declared this order of business closed. 9th Bros Blair and White paid dues for May & June. 10 - 11 Bro Ebbage presented bill for bank check book amt. 65 cts which was allowed- 12 - 13 - Bro Debs read communication recd of Bro Huffman of Div - 8. - 14 - Bro White was appointed in the place of Bro Bence to investigate Julian Pruitt. Bro Mullen reported that one of the brothers of Div 14 had been killed and that the brothers of 14 desired us to attend the funeral, Master Blair expressed his opinion to this effect, that all brothers who could possibly be at Indianapolis the following Sunday, should by all means attend the funeral of the departed brother, and if necessary to render any required assistance, To which the brothers present cheerfully gave their assent. Closed 15th - 16th. The following brothers were present viz; Bros Kerlin - Shoemaker - A Mullen - Bence and White. The order of business being dispensed with. The Lodge was closed in due form at 12.30 PM.

Close of Meeting No 16

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