Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L . F.
(Terre Haute Sunday May 16th 1875)Meeting No 13)

Meeting called to order at 3.00 P. M. Master Blair in the Chair.

The following Brothers were appointed to fill vacant official stations during sessions; Bro Mullen as V.M. Bro Bentz as Treasurer and Chaplain, Bro Southard as Warden Bro Alex Mullen as Conductor Bro Daley as IG. Bro White OG, and Bro Vick as Past Master. Lodge being ready for business the Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair + V. M. Gould - R S Debs + F S. Miller + Treasurer Ebbage - Warden Kelly - Conductor Barr - I G. Mullen + O G. Kelly - Chaplain Ebbage - Past Master Condiff -

No 2 The minutes of previous meeting were read and adopted.

No 3 Bros Ganey, Kelly and Barr were appointed as visiting committee. No 4 Bro Krapf was reported sick by Bro A Mullen, in accordance to which, Master Blair instructed all brothers present, to visit Bro Krapf, if possible for them to do so. No 5 closed 6th closed 7th Received proposition for admission of Jeffers Brennan Age 28 years, Residence Terre Haute Occupation Fireman, recommended by Bros Ebbage and Barr. Also received proposition for the admission of David Wolf Age 32 years Residence Terre Haute Occupation Fireman, recommended by Bros Ebbage and Barr. These propositions were referred to a committee of three. viz; Bros F Mullen, Vick and Bentz for investigation. Closed. No 8 The motion that was tabled at the last meeting in regard to the transmission of a present to Bro Sayre was then read by the R S. Bro Mullen moved that we send our worthy Grand Official, the sum of Ten Dollars, as an acknowledgement of the good wishes of No 16. Motion seconded and carried. R S. Debs was then instructed by Master Blair to forward said money, same to be accompanied by a letter of apology on the part of our division, for neglecting to offer our assistance during his visit in this city.

Motion made and seconded that we should change time of meetings, Carried. Motion made and seconded that meeting should be held hereafter as follows viz; To meet once a week, Thursday evening of one week and Friday evening of the following, to begin with Thursday evening of May 20th and continue to do so throughout the year. Carried. Regular motion offered and seconded that the R S be required to make a programme of meetings for the entire year, the same to be placed in the Vandalia Engine House, a copy of which all brothers could take and distribute wherever they are required. Carried. Regular motion made and seconded that all candidates, initiated should pay dues for the month in which they were admitted. Carried. Bro Debs was appointed to wait on C. E. Walker of the B of L F. and acquire a written contract for the lease of Hall. Closed.

No 9 Bro Daley paid his dues up to June 1st. Closed. No 10 Master Blair made a report concerning costs of regalias Closed. No 11 Bro Debs presented Bill for Box which was allowed, Bill for Books, allowed, bill for Expressage allowed. Bro Blair presented Bill for Division Seal which was also allowed. Closed. No 12 Closed No 13 Bro Debs read an address, for which he received the thanks of the worthy Master. No 14 Bro White asked a Withdrawal Card which was granted by the division. Bro F Mullen suggested that no one brother should hold more then one office at a time, Master Blair thought this a good idea, and made the following appointments; Bro A Mullen as Conductor, Bro Southard as Warden and Bro Bentz as Chaplain. By request of Master Blair Bro Gord of Dayton Lodge No 6 made a few interesting remarks concerning progress of the Brotherhood in the East, etc which was listened to with attention on the part of Brothers present. Closed. No 15 Closed. No 16 The Lodge was closed in due form at 5.00 P.M.

Close of Meeting No 13

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