Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Tuesday May 4th 1875)

Meeting assembled and called to order at 8.50 P M.

Master Blair in the chair. Lodge being open in due form

Master Blair introduced to the Lodge, G S and T. Sayre, who occupied the chair during the evening. Act-Master Sayre then said that he had taken advantage of an occasion, and had come to see the Terre Haute brothers, said he was very glad to see everything in a prosperous condition etc. His first remarks, of order were, that upon entering the lodge room, we should leave all clothes, hats, umbrellas etc in the anteroom. He also gave instructions as to the, clothing with regalia. To form a line of march in the anteroom, and be placed in rank, according to position and station occupied. He said it should be the Wardens duty to clothe Officers with regalia, to distribute and take up, the rituals at every meeting. The Order of business was then resumed. No 1 - Roll of Officers was called:

Master Blair + V M. Gould + R S. Debs + F S. Miller + Treasurer Ebbage + Conductor Barr + Warden Kelly + I G Mullen + O G. Kelly + Chaplain Ebbage + P.M Condiff +

Master Sayre appointed Bro Barr as Chaplain, and Bro Southard as Conductor for the evening. No 2 The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted. No 3 Master Sayre said that we should have a visiting committee by all means. Nos 4 - 5 - 6 Brose Jeffers elected candidate for admission was initiated according to rituals of B of L F. He having been balloted for, receiving Fourteen white balls and no black. Good advice given by Act-Master Sayre in regard to balloting, said that no one brother should know how another brother voted, nor should one brother influence another. Nos 7 - 8 - Bro Plant of Indianapolis Division 14, and Bro. Cochran of Div. 17. Mattoon, were requested to make a few remarks, concerning the progress of their respective lodges; this they complied with by making neat little speeches, which were listened to attentively. They were then thanked by the Worthy Vice Master for their attendance, and were invited to attend our meetings at any and all times. By Request of Bro. F Mullen, Act-Master Sayre explained Insurance, its objects, benefits, etc. Act-Master Sayre then said that it is quite necessary that we should meet once a week, which was referred until the next regular meeting. Nos 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - Master Sayre stated that he feared there would be trouble in the east, the cause of which he explained. Motion made and seconded that should there be any want of assistance, as Bro Sayre anticipated, that Vigo Lodge would be ready to assist financially and otherwise. Carried. Master Sayre thanked the brothers for their good will, and hoped to repay their kindness at some future time. 15 - 16 Meeting called to a close at 12.40 A M. Bros present were Davis - A. Mullen - MCVick - Bentz - Brother Cochran of Mattoon and Bro. Plant of Indianapolis - Bro Gainey and Bro Krapf. Instruction by Master Blair to meet the following Sunday.

Close of Meeting No 11

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