Meeting of Vigo Lodge No 16 B of L F.
(Terre Haute Ind Sunday May 2d 1875)

Meeting assembled and called to order at 2.30 P.M. Master Blair in the Chair. Lodge being ready for business Roll of Officers was called.

Master Blair + V M Gould + R S Debs + F S. Miller - Treasurer Krapf - P M Condiff - Warden Kelly + Conductor Barr - I G Mullen + O G Kelly - Chaplain Ebbage -.

Bro Southard was appointed F S. for the evening, Bro Davis Treasurer- Bro Alex Mullen P. M.- Bro F Mullen Conductor,- Bro Laughlin of Indianapolis Division 14, was appointed I G.- Bro Ganey O G- and- Bro M. C. Vick Chaplain. Order of business resumed. No 2 Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted. Closed. No 3 - 4 - 5 Bro Debs made a report concerning costs of regalias. Bro Southard could acquire no information. Bro A. Mullen reported that he had been at Treasurer Krapf house several times to see him, but on neither occasion was he at home. Regular motion made and seconded that we should take no further actions in the Treasurer Krapf's case, until he himself was present. Carried. No 6 Charter Member J L Snyder was initiated into the brotherhood, with all due ceremony. Closed. No7 Received application for the admission of Ambrose Jeffers of Effingham Ill Age 26 years occupation Fireman, recommended by Bros Ganey and Ebbage. Closed. No 8 Bro Debs reported that he had been at George Hayward Confectionary several times to collect the amount of Five Dollars due the brotherhood, for granting him the privilege of the dining hall on the occasion of our ball, that said Hayward did not intend to pay it. Regular motion made and seconded that if Hayward did not forward to us, said money within a space of Two weeks, We should publish him as a deliberate swindler in the city papers, at the expense of our Treasury. Carried.

Master Blair said that he had received a letter from G S and T. Sayre to the effect, that we should take a vote, and make it a law (if carried) to forward to the Grand Lodge a list of expelled members of the division, before the 25th of each month, so that a printed list of all expelled members of every lodge could be sent to every division monthly, as a safeguard towards undeserving members. Vote taken, and carried. Bro F Mullen offered a motion that we should at once elect Three Trustees, said that it was neglected, and should be postponed no longer. Motion seconded and carried.

Nominees were Bros Ganey, Ebbage, A Kelly, and W Barr.

Balloting resulted in a victory for Bros Ganey - Barr, and Kelly Vote standing Bro Barr 12 - Bro Kell 11 - Bro Ebbage 4 Bro Ganey 9. Treasurer Krapf having arrived during session, was requested to explain cause for absenting himself at meetings. He arose and said, that as he was a member of several other organizations, and that his time was so much occupied, that it was impossible for him to attend more often, and also that he would like to resign his position as Treasurer. Master Blair said that he did not want to see brother Krapf resign, but if necessity required it, the resignation should be accepted. Nominations were then in order for a new Treasurer, choices being Bros Ebbage and A. Mullen.

Balloting resulting in favor of Bro Ebbage by a vote of 11 to 3. Bro Ebbage was then declared Treasurer. Order of Business resumed Nos 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - Motion made and seconded that if a call meeting was necessary, it should be held of an evening. Carried. Closed. - Nos 15 - 16 Meeting called to a close at 5.10 P. M. Members present were Bros Bentz - Krapf - McGerr and Plant of Div. 14

Close of Meeting No 10

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