Meeting of the Vigo Lodge No. 16 B. L. of F.
(Terre Haute Ind Saturday Evening Feb 27/75)

The second meeting for the purpose of arranging a division of the B of L. F. was held at the above place and date. Present –G. M. Leach, who explained in a few words the object of the organization, which was listened to attentively. The following firemen, Twenty One in number, applied for memberships[s], which were granted—M. Gainey, D. W. Daly, J. D. White, W. C. Davis, Jas. Southard, David Gould, Andrew Kelly, Alex. Mullen, Mark Miller, Jams. McGerr, Louis Krapf, J. L. Snyder, Scott Smith, M. C. Vick, Robt. Ebbage, Fred Mullen, W. A. Barr, Jas. Kelly, Eugene Debs. M. M. Condiff, Milton Blair.

The following were present and were initiated by G. M. Robt. Ebbage, Js. Southard, Mark Miller, David Gould, W. A. Barr, Andrew Kelly, James Kelly, Eugene Debs, Fred Mullen, M. M. Condiff, James McGerr, Louis Krapf, Milton Blair. Thirteen in number.

Initiation fees collected amounted to $4200 of which $3500 were given to the G. M. for Organization Fees, remaining Seven Dollars placed in Treasury. After Initiation, the following officers were elected without competitors, M. Blair Master – David Gould U. M., Eugene Debs RS, Mark Miller F.S., Louis Krapf Treasurer. Officers appointed by Master Blair were Jas Kelly as Warden, W. A. Barr Conductor, Fred Mullen IG, Andrew Kelly OG, R Ebbage Chaplain, M. M. Condiff Post Master. This being satisfactorily arranged, G. M. Leach gave instructions as to how to conduct meetings etc. and called meeting to a close. Instructions of Master Blair to meet the following Thursday.

Close of Meeting No 2

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