Terre Haute February 26th 1875
(1st Meeting) Friday Evening

The first meeting, for the purpose of effecting a division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen at Terre Haute, was held at the Engineer's Hall, Corner Main and Seventh Sts, Friday evening February 26th 1875. The grand officials present were, Grand Master Leach, and Grand Secretary and Treasurer Sayer. But on account of an insufficiency in the number of Firemen present, the meeting was postponed until the follwing night, Febry 27th. Firemen present were: Robbert Ebbage, James Southard, Frederick Mullen, W. A. Barr, Alex Mullen, Milton Blair, D. W. Daley, Louis Krapf, Jack Heidinger and James Snabley. Ten in number.

Chief Engineer Walker of Division 25 of the B of L F. was also present.

Close of Meeting No 1.


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