Debs Collection

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
Vigo, Lodge 16

Membership Rolls, 1881-82

Record No. 2 Grand Lodge of the B. of L. F. covering the period 1881-82, records the membership all lodges of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen for a two-year period. Frequently in the hand of Eugene V. Debs, the names of thousands of men appear throughout this work. On pages 34 through 36 appear the names of the men who were in Vigo Lodge 16, which was the lodge of which Debs was a member. This book was generously donated to Debs Collection by the Eugene V. Debs Foundation.

Below you will see thumbnails of the pages 34-36. Click on any of one of them to examine the original document as a digital image. Below the thumbnails the names for Vigo Lodge 16 which appear in this record book have been transcribed, expanded and corrected from city directories of the period as well having been formed into a single alphabetical listing with the last name first. Where it appears that the name was recorded incorrectly, the presumed correct form appears beside it in the listing. The emendations and notes are derived from examination of city directories, membership rolls of other lodges in Record No. 2 from which some members transferred, and local Vigo 16 documents found in other record books.

Page 34 of Vigo Lodge 16 Roll Page 35 of Vigo Lodge 16 Roll Page 36 of Vigo Lodge 16 Roll

Andrews, Edward [M.]  
Armour, M. C.  
Barnes, H.  
Barr, Wm. [A.]  
Barrett, E[dward]  
Baugh, Harry  
Bennett, C[harles] A.  
Bentz, J[ohn] Benz, John
Billeter, Z[ora B.] Biletr, Zora B.
Signs as Zora B. Biletr  
Bissell, Charles J.  
Brennan, J. Brannen, Jefferson M
Signs as Brannin  
Brokaw, Frank [C.]  
Bundy, Ben[ton C.]  
Bundy, Edward  
Burgees, Louis H. Burgess, Lewis H.
Signs as Louis H. Burgess  
Cadle, M.  
Clatfelter, William  
Cook, George Signs as George L. Cook
Cook, Scott  
Cronin, Patrick J. Signs as P. J. Cronan
Cronin, Wm. [T.]  
Daily, Patrick  
Daniels, W.  
Davis, W[m] E.  
Dearman, E[lmer]. E. Dearmin, Elmer E.
Signs as E. E. Dearmin  
Debs, Eugene V.  
Dodson, Elijah Dodson, Elijah, Jr.
Dodson, J[ames] H.  
Dodson, Wm.  
Dykeman, Richard  
Early, J[acob] D.  
Ebbage, Robert  
Everly, James M. Everly, Madison J.
Flahrity, C[harles]. Flaherty, Charles
Signs as C. Flaherty  
Fluegge, H.  
Fox, Orville E.  
Geary, James W.  
Grace, T[homas].  
Greeson, H.  
Gross, Frank [M.]  
Gurney, Adelbert  
Haggart, J.  
Haley, Samuel [E.]  
Hayes, J[ohn] A.  
Helmer, Chas. M.  
Helms, Woodford  
Hunt, A[lonzo]  
Hunt, Albert C.  
Hunt, George [W.]  
Jeffers, A.  
Kelker, D.  
Killmer, L[eroy] Signs as Leroy Kilmer
Kleckner, Albert [H.]  
Kraus, Martin Signs as Martin Krauss
Kuhn, Henry  
Lahey, Henry  
Lantz, M[ilton] P.  
Larr, Wm. K. Larr, Wilmont K.
Long, Thomas  
Marshall, Aaron E.  
McFarland, C[harles] J.  
McGarrahan, J.  
McGaughey, George  
McNutt, C.  
McVick, E. See Vick, Elias note in directory
Miller, W[m]. E.  
Monehan, T.  
Mullen, A. J.  
Mullen, B[ernard] F.  
Mullen, Fred. H.  
O'Connell, Daniel F.  
Quackenbush, S. H.  
Quiett, J. F.  
Raidy, O[rville] E.  
Ramme, Herman Signs as Hermann Ramme
Robinson, James  
Romans, J. [R.]  
Rugan, Ed. [A.]  
Sachs, H[enry] Also a Henry N. Sacks found in directory
Scott, Charles [W.]  
Sherburne, Elmer  
Sherburne, Ernest  
Shoemaker, Arch[y]  
Sibley, Edward  
Simmons, A.  
Smith, Frank C.  
Smith, J. A.  
Smith, James  
Snabely, J.  
Southard, James [I.]  
Stephens, E[lijah] A.  
Stuart, Paul H.  
Swartwont, P. H.  
Van Cleve, J[asper] N. Vancleve is variant; signs as VanCleve
Viquissay, Edward Viquesney, G. Edward
Withbeck, Fred  
Wolfe, D. Signs as O. Wolf
Wolfenberger, Henry Wolfensberger, Henry, Jr.
Signs as Wolfenberger  
Wood, Fred[erick]  

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