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List of "See" & "See Also" References

The following listing of "see" and "see also" references is intended to aid the user in identifying compiler names or titles under which material has been filed in the database. It may not always be apparent in an entry that there is a connection between names, depending on the quality of the entry. Therefore, we must depend on the user's expertise in such instances. In cases where online records have been created, such information should have been brought out in the record displayed in the online public access catalog, or OPAC. Such links are revealed in the expanded record view.

Do not include dates in your search. Dates are included in the database only to differentiate individuals with the same name. They are provided here as additional information. Title entries are generally truncated in this list. Therefore, do not include a period at the end of a title search in the database.

Corrections and suggested additions are welcome not only to the list but to particular records. Contact the department at the link found at the bottom of the page.

A. J. See: Justice, Alexander.
Abernathy, J. W. See: Hole, Charles.
Ainsworth, Henry. See: Coke, Zachary.
Akerly, Samuel, M.D. See: Hooper, Robert.
Altensteig, Johann. See: Altenstaig, Johann.
Allison, Burgiss. See also: Walker, John.
Annandale, Charles. See also: Ogilvie, John.
Anthon, Charles. See also: Lempriere, John, and Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893.
Arnold, Theodor. See also: Bailey, Nathan.
Ash, Thomas. See: Entick, John.
Ashton of Liverpool. See: New Expositor.
Ayers, Alfred. See: Osmun, Thomas Embley.
B., J. See: Bullokar, John.
Bagwell, John. See: Wilson, Thomas.
Bailey, Rufus W. See: Butter, Henry.
Baldwin, Thomas. See also: Lippincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer.
Bamford, Samuel. See: Collier, John.
Baretti, Joseph. See: Baretti, Giuseppe Marco Antonio.
Barker, E. H. See: Lempriere, John.
Barnum, Samuel W. See: Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893.
Barrett, John. See: Baret, John.
Barrett, W. A. See: Stainer, John, Sir.
Beaujean, Amedee. See: Littre, Emile.
Bee, John. See: Badcock, John.
Beecke, Hermann von der. See: Torrentinus, Hermannus.
Belcher, E. See: Smyth, William Henry.
Benjamin, Park. See: Appleton's Cyclopaedia.
Bernardus, Johannes. See: Giovanni, Bernardo.
Bernard, Jacques. See also: Moreri, Louis.
Birkin, William. See: Jones, Stephen.
Blair, David, Rev. See: Entick, John.
Blanchard, Stephen. See: Blankaart, Steven.
Bobbin, Tim. See: Collier, John.
Bohun, Edmund. See also: Moreri, Louis.
Brewster, David. See : The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia.
Brown, N. E. See: Johnson, George William.
Browne, Richard See also: Bullokar, John.
Bruyas, James. See: Bruyas, Jacques.
Bryce, David. See: The Smallest English Dictionary.
Buck, Albert H. See: Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences.
Burhans, Hezekiah. See: Walker, John.
Burnet, James. See: Monboddo, James Burnet.
Burnett, James. See: Monboddo, James Burnet.
Bussy, Ch. de. See: Marchal, Charles.
Calderinus. See: Mirani, Cesare Calderino.
Calepine, Ambrogio. See: Calepino, Ambrogio.
Calepinus, Ambrogius. See: Calepino, Ambrogio.
Campbell, Loomis Joseph. See also: Webster, Noah and Worcester, Joseph Emerson.
Capper, B. D. See: Compendious Geographical Dictionary.
Carew, Bamrfylde Moore. See: Goadby, Robert.
Carpentier, Pierre. See: Du Cange, Charles Du Fresne.
Cawdrey, Robert. See: Cawdry, Robert.
Chalmers, Alexander. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Christmas, Henry. See: Pegge, Samuel.
Clavis Homerica. See: Roberti, Antonius.
Cleishbotham, the Younger. See: Scott, Walter.
Cobb, Lyman. See also: Walker, John.
Coley, Henry. See: Moreri, Louis.
Collier, Jeremy. See: Bernard, Jacques.
Comenius, Jan. See: Comenius, Johann Amos.
Constantinus, Robertus. See: Bude, Guillaume.
Cowles, J. P. See: Dwight, Harrison Gray Otis.
Crakelt, William. See: Entick, John.
Crastinus, Johannes. See: Crastoni, Giovanni.
Crastonus, Johannes. See: Crastoni, Giovanni.
Culeper, Nicholas. See: Riviere, Lazare.
Cull, Richard. See: Ogilvie, John.
Da Ponte, Lorenzo L. See: Lempriere, John.
Darby, William. See: Brookes, Richard.
Dasypodius, Conradus. See: Dasypodius, Konrad.
Davenport, John. See: Baretti, Giuseppe Marco Antonio.
Davenport, Richard Alfred. See also: Walker, John.
David, John. See: Walker, John.
Davidson, Thomas. See: Chambers, William.
Davis, Henry. See: Crabb, George.
De Saverien, Alexandre. See: Saverien, Alexandre.
Delpino, Joseph Giral. See: Giral Del Pino, Hippolyto San Jose.
Desainliens, Claude. See: Hollyband, Claudius.
Dewar, D. See: Johnson, George William.
Dewhurst, Henry W. See: Barclay, James, Curate of Edmonton.
Diehl, Anna Randall. See: Randall-Diehl, Anna.
Doctor, Sorbashaw Byramji. See: Byramji, Sorbashaw.
Donald, James. See: Chambers, William.
Donaldson, David. See: Jamieson, John.
Du Fresne, Charles. See: Du Cange, Charles Du Fresne.
Dublin, Richard. See: Trench, Richard Chenevix.
Dunton, John. See: H., N.
Duwes, Giles See: Du Wes, Giles.
E. P. See: Phillips, Edward.
Eichmann, Jodocus. See: Melber, Johannes.
Elias, Levita. See: Levita, Elijah.
Exley, Thomas. See: Johnson, William Moore.
An Exmoor Scolding. See: Lock, Peter.
Facciolati, Jacobi. See: Forcellini, Egidio.
Fallows, Samuel. See also: Webster, Noah.
Findlater, Andrew. See: Chambers, William.
Fisher, Ann. See: Slack, Ann Fisher.
Frauncis, Richard. See: Galfridus, Anglicus.
Fulton, George. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Funk, Isaac K. See: Standard Dictionary of the English Language.
Fuseli, Henry. See: Pilkington, Matthew.
Gadner, Dorsey. See: Webster, Noah.
Gailer, Jacob Eberhard. See: Comenius, Johann Amos.
Gaisford, Thomas. See: Etymologicon Magnum.
Galfridus, Grammaticus. See: Galfridus, Anglicus.
Gardner, D. Pereira, M.D. See: Hooper, Robert.
Glieg, George. See: Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Goddard, Edward Hungerford. See: Dartnell, George Edward.
Gomme, George Laurence. See: Gentleman's Magazine Library.
Good, John Mason. See: Pantologia.
Goodrich, Chauncey A. See: Webster Noah.
Goulston, Theodore. See: Aristotle.
Grant, Klein, M.D. See: Hooper, Robert.
Grapaldi, Francesco Mario. See: Grapaldi, Francisco Mario.
Grapaldus, Franciscus Marius. See: Grapaldi, Francisco Mario.
Grassineau, James. See: Brossard, Sebastien De.
Graves, Robert Edmund. See: Bryan, Michael.
Green, Richard W. See: Butter, Henry.
Gregory, J. Robinson. See: Farrar, John.
Griscom, John. See: Wiggins, Richard.
Grose, Francis. See also: Pegge, Samuel.
H., J. See either: Harris, James. or Salmon, William.
H., R. F. See: Herrey, Robert F.
Hackett, H. B. See: Smith, William, Sir.
Halliwell, James Orchard. See : Halliwell-Phillips, James Orchard and see also Nares, Robert.
Hamilton, Henry. See: Keating, John Marie.
Harris, W. See: Oxford Encyclopaedia; or, Dictionary.
Harrison, Robert. See: Herrey, Robert F.
Hartley, Cecil. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Hawkins, John. See: Cocker, Edward.
Henfrey, Arthur. See: Griffith, John William.
Henley, W. E. See: Farmer, John Stephen.
Hewes, John. See: Huise, John.
Hewis, John. See: Huise, John.
Higgins, John. See: Huloet, Richard.
Hinde, M. See: New Royal and Universal Dictionary.
Holwell, William. See: Bryant, Jacob.
Hooker, Horace. See: Gallaudet, Thomas Hopkins.
Hookes, Ellis. See: Fox, George.
Hopkins, David. See: Richardson, John.
Hughes, W. See: Maunder, Samuel.
Hurst, Thomas D. See: Webster, Noah.
J., A. See: Justice, Alexander.
J. H. See either: Harris, James. or Salmon, William.
Jameson, R. S. See: Johnson, Samuel.
J. B. See: Bullokar, John.
J. K. See: Kersey, John.
Jodocus. See: Jodocus Erfordensis or SEARCH under Vocabularius.
Johnson, Samuel. See also: Mason, George or Seager, John.
Johnson, Samuel, Jr. See: Elliott, John.
Johnstone, John. See: Jamieson, John.
Jonsson, Runolfur. See: HIckes, George.
K., J. See: Kersey, John.
Keagy, J. M. See: Oswald, John.
Kendrick, James See: Morris, Robert.
Kersey, John. See also: Phillips, Edward.
Kirkland, Frazar. See: Devens, Richard Miller.
Knight, G. See: Fulton, George.
Knowles, James. See also: New Expositor.
L'Homond, Charles Francois. See: Lhomond, Charles Francois.
Lane, Moses. See: Ussher, James.
Latham, Robert. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Le Fevre, Tannegui. See: Lefebvre, Tannegui.
Lees, Thomas. See: Easther, Alfred.
Legh, Edward. See: Leigh, Edward.
Leland, Charles Godfrey. See: Barrere, Albert Marie Victor.
Lempriere, F. D. See: Lempriere, John.
Lilford, Thomas Littleton Powys. See: Powys, Thomas Littelton.
Lloyd, Nicolas. See: Estienne, Charles.
Lovell, A. See: Pomay, Francois Antoine.
Lyons, Daniel. See: American Dictionary of the English Language.
M'culloch, John Ramsay. See: McCulloch, John Ramsay.
Macri, Dominici. See: Magri, Domenico.
Maii, Ivniani. See: Maius, Junianus.
Main, James. See: Abercrombie, John.
Manley, Thomas. See: Cowell, John.
Mannucci, Aldo. See: Manuzio, Aldo.
Martel, C. See: Delf, Thomas.
Martyn, Thomas. See also: Miller, Philip.
Maver, William. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Mawe, Thomas. See: Abercrombie, John.
Meijer, Lodewijk. See: Hofman, Johan.
Meyer, L. See: Hofman, Johan.
Middleton, Erasmus. See: New Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences.
Milner, George. See: Nodal, John H.
Minsheu, John. See also: Perceval, Richard.
Morelius, Gulielmus. See: Morel, Guillaume.
Morell, Thomas. See also: Hederich, Benjamin.
Moreri, Louis. See also: Bernard, Jacques.
Morery, Lewis. See: Moreri, Louis.
Morris, Charles Smith. See: Hunter, Robert.
Morris, John. See: Maunder, Samuel.
Morse, Richard C. See: Morse, Jedidiah.
Mulhall, Michael G. See: Annandale, Charles.
Multum in Parvo. See: Maunder, Samuel.
Murphy, Anna Brownwell. See: Jameson, Anna.
Murray, Lindley. See also: Entick, John.
N. H. See: H., N.
N., S. See: Newman, Samuel.
Nakhlah, Yacoub. See: Nakhlah, Yakub.
Nakhlah, Yakoub. See: Nakhlah, Yakub.
Nakhlah, Ya'kub. See: Nakhlah, Y.
Nizzoli, Mario. See: Nizolio, Mario.
Noble, Thomas. See: Barclay, James, Curate of Edmunton.
Nuttall, P. Austin. See also: Walker, John.
Olearius, Gottfried. See: Phliostratus, Flavius.
Oliphant, T. L. Kington. See: Kington-Oliphant, Thomas Laurence.
Orr, Thomas Heber. See: Webster, Noah.
Orsato, Sertorio. See: Orsato, Sentorio.
Owen, William. See: Pughe, William Owen.
P., E. See: Phillips, Edward.
Pardon, William. See: Dyche, Thomas.
Park, William. See: Lempriere, John.
Patrick, Samuel. See: Roberti, Antonius.
Pauw, Johannes Cornelis De. See: Phrynichus.
Payne, F. M. See: English, Thomas Dunn.
Peacock, W. See also: A New Italian Dictionary.
Pegge, Samuel. See also: Grose, Francis.
Percyvall, Samuel. See: Percival, Richard.
Phelp, P. H., Rev. See: Stormonth, James.
Plautus, Titus Maccius. See: Pareus, Johann Philipp.
Porny, Mr. See: Pyron do Martre, Antoine.
Port Royal. See: Lancelot, Claude.
Porter, Noah. See: Webster, Noah.
Postlethwayt, Malachy. See also: Savary des Bruslons, Jacques.
Price, Thomas. See: Goadby, Thomas.
Pydolet, L. See: Leypoldt, Frederick.
R. F. H. See: Herrey, Robert F.
R. U. See: Verstegan, Richard.
R. W. See: Wickens, Robert.
Reynolds, Richard. See: Rainolde, Richard.
Raynbird, Hugh. See: Rham, William Lewis.
Raynbird, William. See: Rham, William Lewis.
Reed, Henry. See: Graham, George Frederick.
Rees, Abraham. See also: Chambers, Ephraim.
Rees, Thomas. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Rennie, James. See: Montagu, George.
Reynolds, Richard. See: Rainolde, Richard.
Richard, Louis-Claude Marie. See: Eaton, Amos.
Riddle, Joseph Esmond. See also: Scheller, Immanuel Johann Gerhard.
Riverius, Lazarus. See: Riviere, Lazare.
Robinson, John. See: Entick, John.
Robinson, Nugent. See: Collier's Cyclopedia.
Robson, Charles. See: Webster, Noah.
Roget, John Lewis. See: Roget, Peter Mark.
Rowlands, Richard. See: Verstegan, Richard.
Runolfur Jonsson. See: Hickes, George.
S. N. See: Newman, Samuel.
S., W. See: Bullokar, John.
Sainliens, Claude De. See: Hollyband, Claudius.
Salisbury, William. See: Salesbury, William.
Salmon, Nicholas. See: Entick, John.
Savary des Bruslons, Jacques. See: Postlethwayt, Malachy.
Schade, Carl Benjamin. See: Schade, Karl Benjamin.
Schade, Charles Benjamin. See: Schade, Karl Benjamin.
Scheller, Immanuel Johann Gerhard. See also: Riddle, Joseph Esmond.
Schuster, Carl W. Th. See: Adler-Mesnard, Edouard Henri Emmanuel.
Schweitzer, Johann Casper. See: Suicerus, Johann Casper.
Scott, Joseph Nicol. See: Bailey, Nathan.
Scripture Lexicon. See: Oliver, Peter.
Search, Edward. See: Tucker, Abraham.
Sears, Barnas. See: Roget, Peter Mark.
Sergeant, John. See: Smith, John.
Seyfried, Johannes. See: Seyfried, Johann.
Sheridan, Thomas. See also: Jones, Stephen.
Sherwood, Robert. See: Cotgrave, Randle.
Shorton, William. See: Barclay, James, Curate of Edmunton.
Simson, Andrew. See: Wilson, Thomas.
Skeat, Walter William. See also: Elworthy, Frederic Thomas and Mayhew, Anthony Lawson.
Smart, B. H. See: Walker, John.
Smith T., Rev. See: Lempriere, John and see also Walker, John.
Smith, Edward. See: Walker, John.
Smith, H. Percy, Rev. See: Smith, Charles John.
Somner, William. See also: Benson, Thomas.
Sowerby, Francis R. See: Walker, John.
Stephanus, C., H., R. See: Estienne, Charles, Henri, Robert.
Stephens, W. R. W. See: Hook, Walter Farquhar.
Stevens, C. M. See: Webster, Noah.
Stewart, D. T. See: Webster, Noah.
Taylor, Charles. See: Calmet, Augustin.
Taylor, Richard. See: Tooke, John Horne.
Ten Kate, Lambert. See: Kate, Lambert ten.
Thibault, M. A. See: Haas, Johann Gottfried.
Thomas, Joseph. See also: Lippincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer, and Webster, Noah.
Thorpe, Benjamin. See: Rask, Erasmus Kristian.
Tibbins, J. See: Fleming, Charles.
Todd, H. J. See: Johnson, Samuel.
Tolhausen, Alexandre. See also: French-English and English-French Engineering Terms.
Tomlins, Thomas Edlyne, Sir. See also: Jacob, Giles.
Trollope, W., Rev. See: Walker, John.
Tuson, Richard V. See: Cooley, Arnold James.
U., R. See: Verstegan, Richard.
Ursato, Sentorio. See: Orsato, Sertorio.
Usher, James. See: Ussher, James.
V., R. See: Verstegan, Richard.
Verstegen, Richard. See: Verstegan, Richard.
Vocabula Rei Nummaraie Ponderum et Memsuarium. See: Bude, Guillaume.
Vocabulary, or Pocket Dictionary. See: Baskerville, John.
Vethake, Henry. See: McCulloch, John Ramsay.
Vigfusson, Gudbrand. See: Cleasby, Richard.
W., J. See: Watson, J.
W., R. See: Wickens, Robert.
W. S. See: Bullokar, John.
W. W. See: Walker, William.
W., W. See: Walker, William.
Walker, John. See also: Burhans, Hezekiah; Johnson, Samuel; Longmuir, John; Webster, Noah; and Worcester, Joseph Emerson.
Way, Albertus. See: Galfridus, Anglicus.
Webbe, Joseph. See also: Cicero, Marcus Tullius, and Terence.
Webster, Noah. See also: Allison, William L.; Walker, John; and Worcester, Joseph Emerson.
Webster, William Greenleaf. See also: Webster, Noah.
Wes, Giles du. See: Du Wes, Giles.
Wessely, J. E. See: Wessely, Ignaz Emmanuel.
Wheeler, William Adolphus. See also: Hole, Charles; Pierce, Gilbert Ashville; and Webster, Noah.
Wiilcker, Richard Paul. See: Wright, Thomas.
Williams, Monier. See: Monier-Williams, Monier.
Wood, James. See also: Nuttall, P. Austin.
Wood, John Marshall. See: Handy Dictionary.
Woodward, B. B. See: Maunder, Samuel.
Worcester, Joseph Emerson. See also: Johnson, Samuel and Webster, Noah.
Worlidge, John. See also: Bailey, Nathan.
Wright, C. H. See: Johnson, George William.
Wright, Thomas. See also: Nares, Robert.
Young, Townsend. See: Johnson, Samuel and see also Walker, John.

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