Eugene V. Debs Letters:
Abstracts for "P"

Pace, James: Letter to EVD, 10/10/20. Writes that he appreciates the articles EVD has published in the NEW YORK CALL and the NEW YORK AMERICAN. Asks that EVD tell him why so many capitalists are hypocrites regarding their professed religious beliefs and their practices.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 10/10/20. Writes that he is glad to see that Pace is interested in socialism. Asks that TD tell Pace that he is unable to answer Pace's question personally because prison rules prevent it. Says that TD can tell Pace that the reason that capitalists' beliefs are different from their practices is because "the profit system is fundamentally dishonest and immoral." Asks that TD tell Pace that if he needs more information he should contact the offices of the NEW YORK CALL.

Paine, Robert: Letter to EVD, 2/24/21. Says that he wanted to write and tell EVD how much he appreciates the course he has taken with his life. Tells EVD that he enjoyed his article on tolerance. Assures EVD that even if he decides to become a communist that he will remain a tolerant person. Writes that he met EVD 25 years ago when he helped welcome EVD to New York City, New York. Remarks that EVD's strength must be preserved so that he can see the dawn of the "New Day."

Painter, Floy Ruth: Letter to TD on Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana letterhead, 8/1/24. Asks that TD inform her if EVD will be in Terre Haute the week of 8/26/24. Says that she would like to interview EVD. Tells TD that if EVD is unavailable then she would like to talk to him. Writes that she appreciated the literature which TD sent for her thesis about EVD.
Letter to TD, 8/9/26. Informs EVD that she will be receiving her PhD. In October. Says that her thesis titled "Eugene V. Debs and His Life Work" is almost completed. Tells TD that she appreciated all of the information that he and EVD gave her. Writes that she would like to meet with EVD this Sunday to clarify a few matters.

Pallo, Flora: Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 4/15/45. Writes that her father, Senerino Pallo, wanted her to send his condolences on the passing of TD.

Palmer, Loren: Letter to EVD on EVERY WEEK letterhead, 2/6/18. Asks that EVD will send a few lines stating whether he thinks the war will be over by Christmas or whether it will continue on indefinitely.
Letter to EVD on EVERY WEEK letterhead, 3/7/18. Writes that he appreciated EVD's prompt reply to his query. Remarks that EVD's letter will appear in the 4/13/18 issue of EVERY WEEK.

Palmieri, Antonio: Letter to EVD, 3/22/21. Writes that he has lived in Clinton, Indiana for the past two years and has hoped that he might get a chance to shake hands with EVD. Says that now he is leaving for Italy with his hope unfulfilled. Mentions that he wanted to visit EVD in Atlanta, Georgia before leaving for Italy but that TD told him that President Woodrow Wilson has stripped him of his visitation rights. Remarks that at the end of Woodrow Wilson's administration that the United States is in a complete moral and material depression. Mentions that he did not expect to be accorded with the honor bestowed upon him by TD for making a contribution towards EVD's release. Says that he appreciated the pen and pencil set M. P. Stephens that gave him on EVD's behalf. Assures EVD that even though he is not much of a writer that he will put these writing utensils to good use.

Pankhurst, E. Sylvia: Postcard to TD, 8/14/19. Says that he would like to thank TD for his letter. Remarks that she was glad to get news of EVD. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be released.

Panshow, Gertrude: Photocopy of postcard to Gertrude Debs, 12/29/08. Expresses the hope that peace and happiness will follow Gertrude Debs and her family each day of 1909.

Parker, Franklin E.: Letter to EVD, 4/11/20. Tells EVD that he is sending him a pamphlet on woman's suffrage and the Constitution. Says that the deterioation of ethical standards is discouraging. Mentions that he has learned a great deal about EVD from Lincoln Phifer. Includes a note from EVD to TD asking that TD tell Parker that because of prison rules he did not receive the pamphlet. Remarks that he is glad that Parker knows his mutual friend, Lincoln Phifer.
Letter to TD, 5/8/20. Says that he appreciated the letter TD sent. Remarks that he has just ordered a copy of David Karsner's book about EVD. Tells TD that he thinks that EVD's release is soon at hand. Explains that he thinks that Lincoln Phifer will accomplish a great deal in his life. Writes that he would like TD to send him names of people who are in favor of "moralizing our Constitution on an iron clad basis that would hold officials to a sound moral understanding and conscientious treatment in all their public undertakings."

Parker, Harry C.: Letter to EVD Co-operative on Cigar Makers, Inc. letterhead, signed by Parker and J. Mahlon Barnes, 10/11/20. Says that they are sending their greetings to EVD. Writes that they wonder why EVD is in prison when the truth is being told so brazenly by so many "hypocrites."

Parker, John: Letter to EVD on Hotels Statler letterhead, 1/7/20. Tells EVD that he is one of his comrades. Says that he was raised in the movement and never heard anyone call EVD Mr. Debs because everyone feels right at home calling him Gene. Writes that his heart ached when he heard that EVD had been imprisoned. Assures EVD that there are untold numbers of comrades who are thinking of him. Remarks that he knew when he heard EVD speak in Du Bois, Pennsylvania that one day EVD would end up in prison because "a man with such a noble heart and high ideals has no place to rest peacefully in this abode." Explains that the people of Russia are working out a new freedom. Says that once it is in place the "combined armies of the universe will never be able to uproot or destroy" it. Tells EVD that freedom is almost unknown in America. Remarks that when the time comes that EVD will emancipate the American working classes. Expresses the hope that EVD has the strength and spirit to hold out in prison. Writes that he attended a meeting last week where Victor Berger and Oscar Ameringer spoke. Informs EVD that he will not serve his entire sentence because the revolution would have already occurred by then. Mentions that he will try to visit EVD the next time he is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Parker, Robert: Letter to TD on Socialist Party letterhead, 9/9/41. Writes that the Socialist Party is planning to start commemorating annually the date of EVD's death. Says that the Social Democracy is planning to hold a series of dinners around the country on 10/20/41. Tells TD that this year's commemoration will involve a nationwide radio broadcast. Mentions that a playwright from New York is writing a sketch of EVD's life to be broadcast. Asks that TD inform him if he knows of existing recordings of EVD's voice.
Letter to TD on Socialist Party letterhead, 9/18/41. Writes that he has received information from a comrade in Colorado saying that he has in his possessions three wax recordings of a speech EVD made in 1901. Says that if these recordings are usable he will made several copies, on of which he will give to TD. Asks that TD consider being a member of the Debs Memorial Committee which is making the arrangements for the commemoration dinners to be held on 10/20/41. Remarks that the other members of the committee are Norman Thomas, Oswald Garrison Villard, Van Wyck Brooks, John Haynes Holmes, and Victor Wolfson.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 11/16/41. Says that she is writing on behalf of TD who is ill. Writes that TD has received the recording Parker sent but that he could not listen to it because it was cracked. Tells Parker that TD greatly appreciated the kindness he has shown in going to the trouble of sending the recording.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 11/23/41. Writes that she and TD got the chance to listen to the record "Winning a World" by EVD yesterday. Tells Parker that TD says that the voice on the record is not that of EVD and thus is a fraud. Informs Parker that TD requests that all advertisements stating that voice on the record is EVD be pulled immediately.
Letter to TD on Socialist Party letterhead, 11/28/41. Tells TD that he is disconcerted by his statement that the voice on the recording is not that of EVD's. Assures TD that he is checking into the matter and hopes to determine exactly whose voice is on the recording. Remarks that there are a number of comrades in New York City, New York who are certain that it is EVD's voice on the recording. Mentions that the recording in question was made by Columbia Record Company and does not think that this organization would have a reason to commit this kind of fraud.
Letter from TD, 12/6/41. Says that he does not agree with the comrades in New York City, New York who think that the voice on the recording is EVD's. Writes that he heard EVD make hundreds of speeches and would know his voice if he heard it "anywhere on earth." Informs Parker that "Winning a World" was not originally a speech but an article EVD wrote for Walter Hurt's THE CULTURIST.

Parker, Thatcher A.: Letter to T. A. Parker, 11/18/12. Writes that EVD is looked upon as one of the best citizens in Terre Haute, Indiana "in every way." Says that there are those in Terre Haute, Indiana who may disagree with EVD's politics that everyone "likes and admires him."
Letter to Martin Nilsson, 6/2/13. Says that he has known EVD for many years and thinking that no one in Terre Haute, Indiana "stands any higher than he does."

Parker, William: Letter to TD on Socialist Party of America Tri-County Organization letterhead, 8/22/11. Writes that he only met TD once during EVD's Red Special campaign of 1908. Says that he knows EVD quite well. Tells TD that he has been a member of the Socialist Party since 1901. Informs TD that he has asked the Socialist Party's Pennsylvania state committee to start the recall process to oust the entire National Executive Committee and the national secretary. Writes that the national office needs to be cleaned out. Says that TD is the only man who they think is capable of getting this job done. Asks that TD consider standing for the post of national secretary. Remarks that there are 10 or 12 other organizers in Pennsylvania who think TD would make a great national secretary.

Parks, E. C.: Letter to EVD, 12/21/20. Writes that as Christmas day draws near that he has been thinking of EVD and his imprisonment. Tells EVD that although he cast his first vote for William Jennings Bryan in 1900 by 1902 he had seen the light and has been for the cause ever since. Says that he had the chance to meet EVD about 12 years ago at a meeting in Garden City, Kansas. Remarks that he was working the night shift at a sugar factory at that time. Writes that when he told his little girls that he was sending EVD a letter they wanted to send one too. Expresses the hope that public sentiment will soon force EVD's release.

Parks: Helen and Virginia: Letter to EVD, 12/21/20. Writes that they are 6 and 8 years old. Says that their father has told them how much EVD loves little children, how he has given his life to helping other people, and how he has unjustly been sent to prison. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison.

Parrish, Stephen D.: Letter to TD, 5/8/27. Asks that TD inform him if EVD was ever restored his American citizenship. Writes that he fears that EVD was not because he has little confidence in the people who are in positions of authority to be just. Says that he wants to know what the best book written about EVD is because he wants to add it to his library. Remarks that he thinks that there should be a monument erected in EVD's memory.

Parrot, Flavia: Telegram to EVD, 11/15/21. Writes that the Phoenix, Arizona Open Forum sends greetings to EVD and congratulates EVD on his 66th birthday. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon attain his freedom.

Parrotts, James F.: SEE Augusto, Allie.

Parsons, Carl, SEE Cooper, Andrew G.

Parsons, Lucy E.: Letter to EVD, 3/12/26. Says that she is writing EVD to tell him how much she appreciated the stand he has taken regarding his citizenship rights. Tells EVD that she is sending him copies of the LIFE OF ALBERT R. PARSONS and the FAMOUS SPEECHES OF THE CHICAGO ANARCHISTS. Remarks that EVD will discover that Albert R. Parsons, like EVD, refused to ask for a pardon. Expresses the hope that EVD will live many more years.

Parsons, William Wood: Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper on State Normal School, Terre Haute, Indiana letterhead, 1/1/23. Writes that he and his wife appreciated the flowers that Marguerite Debs Cooper sent.

Patswald, Otto W.: Letter to TD, 10/20/26. Assures TD that he will pick up where EVD has left off as a comrade and disciple of EVD's for over 30 years.

Patterson, Mary A.: Letter to TD, 10/28/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Writes that she cannot believe that EVD is gone. Tells TD that EVD would still be alive if it had not been for "that inferno at Atlanta." Remarks that EVD will live on in her heart.
Letter to TD, 11/22/26. Writes that she appreciated the newspaper clippings that TD sent.

Patton, J. J.: Letter to EVD, 5/24/20. Writes that he lives on a highly isolated ranch in Utah. Remarks that he has always thought it was an honor to represent the Los Angeles, California comrades at the Social Party Convention of 1904 and help to nominate EVD for President. Says that he saw in the newspaper where newspaper has been selected as the Socialist Party's candidate for President again. Assures EVD that he will support him in the upcoming election. Informs EVD that while he does not know how he ended up in prison he has not lessened his esteem for him. Says that at the same time that America has fought a war to make the world safe for democracy that it has put some of the champions of democracy in prison. Argues that future historians will hold up the present administration with scorn for posterity. Mentions that EVD's imprisonment proclaims to the world that the present social system is a failure. Remarks that the American people will have to fight to win their liberty anew.

Paulsen, Paul J.: Letter to EVD on United Mine Workers of America letterhead, 6/27/13. Writes that he agrees with what EVD says about the Industrial Workers of the World and others who are trying to disrupt the work of the United Mine Workers of America. Tells EVD that Mother Jones, who is now in Washington, is as loyal as can be.
Letter to EVD on United Mine Workers of America letterhead, 4/12/15. Tells EVD that he is committing a grave injustice by characterizing John P. White in the way that he did in a recent NATIONAL RIP-SAW editorial. Writes that if EVD persists in looking into matters he will expose things that he would "hardly believe possible." Says that he regrets the turn of events in the southwest. Remarks that he is sure that EVD is being "used" to denounce John P. White because of his influence. Asks that EVD investigate John P. White himself and not to believe anything but the facts.
Letter from TD, 4/15/15. Tells Paulsen that he is writing on behalf of EVD who is currently laid up with an injury. Writes that while EVD appreciated Paulsen's frankness regarding John P. White he does not share Paulsen's faith in John P. White because "if White is opposed to capitalism and the wage-slave system he is giving no appreciable evidence to that fact." Informs Paulsen that no one has a right to withhold any information from the rank and file regarding John P. White. Says that it does not help John P. White's case any that he has sent a bunch of "ward-heeling thugs and wire-pullers" to the southwest to undermine Fred Holt. Writes that the situation in West Virginia and Illinois are of grave concern among those who are true to the United Mine Workers of America. Says that in West Virginia a socialists are no longer tolerated by the United Mine Workers of America officials there. Remarks that officials within the United Mine Workers of America have also circulated "scurrilous" reports about Adolph Germer to discredit him with the rank and file. Asks that Paulsen explain why John P. White did nothing to stop these reports from circulating.
Letter to EVD on United Mine Workers of America letterhead, 4/26/15. Writes that he is sending EVD a letter which Adolph Germer wrote to John P. White giving his opinion of the appointment of a committee of Illinois miners. Tells EVD that Adolph Germer says in this letter that "I am glad that the Board has taken this action and that the truth in the matter may come out."

Pauly, Albert: Telegram to EVD, 11/21/15. Tells EVD that the comrades of Brooklyn, New York are anxious to nominate him for President. Asks that EVD accept the nomination.
Telegram to EVD, 12/13/15. Writes that EVD reconsider the nomination to be the Socialist Party's candidate for President. Says that he considers EVD to be the only logical candidate who can preserve the uncompromising attitude of the Socialist Party towards preparedness campaigns and militarism.

Payne, George Henry: Telegram to EVD, 6/28/21. Says that the FORUM MAGAZINE is publishing an article for an August issue on the weakness of socialism in the United States. Tells EVD that he would like him to present the other side of the argument and explain what strength socialism has in America and why it is growing.
Letter to TD on THE FORUM letterhead, 7/7/21. Says that he received the telegram from EVD saying that he was unable to write the requested article. Tells TD that he has always tried to conduct THE FORUM on the broadest possible basis. Explains that by getting opinions from today's "important thinking men" that he can get a discussion going that can lead to solving some of the problems with America. Remarks that he thinks at times that the reactionary force of America run amuck.

Payne, W. A.: Photocopy of letter from TD, 12/27/06. Writes that he received Payne's Christmas greetings. Assures Payne that there is nothing more beautiful that the loving thoughts of a loyal comrades.
Photocopy of letter from TD, 12/18/07. Writes that EVD has been away for the past 3 months but that he will be returning to Terre Haute, Indiana next week. Assures Payne that as soon as EVD gets into town he will show him Payne's letter. Tells Payne that EVD holds him in "high esteem." Expresses the hope that Payne is in the best of health.
Photocopy of letter from EVD, 12/23/07. Says that he would like to meet with Payne at 9 a.m. on 12/27/07.
Photocopy of letter from EVD on APPEAL TO REASON letterhead, 9/24/09. Writes that he has been wanting to thank Payne for the "wonderful" picture that he gave him but did not know where to direct the letter. Tells Payne that when Payne responds to his letter he will write more fully.
Photocopy of letter from EVD on APPEAL TO REASON letterhead, 10/4/09. Writes that both he and Katherine Debs appreciated the picture that Payne left for them. Says that he and Katherine Debs will remember Payne every time they sit together in the library and look at the picture. Remarks that he is sending Payne a copy of his book.

Pearl, Jeanette D.: Telegram to EVD, 10/26/18. Writes that the Lehane Defense Fund is depleted of funds which is making it difficult to hire a lawyer. Asks that EVD make an appeal on the Lehane Defense Fund's behalf to some badly needed funds by 11/7/18.
Letter to EVD on Socialist Party of New York County letterhead, signed by Pearl, K. Buckley Withrow, Fred Caiola, and Joseph Brodsby, 11/1/18. Tells EVD that they have received his letter. Writes that they are sorry to have to trouble EVD. Says that EVD's letter has born fruit. Tells EVD that they agree with him that all comrades should be given help no matter what the leaders think of them. Assures EVD that they would appreciate any help that he could provide.

Pearson, James Larkin: Letter to TD, 4/3/23. Writes that he deeply appreciated TD's last letter. Says that he feared that EVD's condition was such that he could not attend to his correspondence and that he regrets to learn that his fears have been confirmed. Assures TD that EVD is fortunate to have such a loyal and faithful brother. Mentions that he is sending TD a copy of PEARSON'S POEMS for his library.
Letter to TD, 5/30/26. Tells TD that he appreciated the copy of the poem "Sea Wind" that he sent. Says that he was proud to get one of his poems published in the NEW YORK TIMES. Explains that although the NEW YORK TIMES is a capitalist paper "in the matter of literature it is critical and maintains a high standard." Asks that TD send his regards to EVD.
Letter to TD, 11/2/26. Assures TD and his family is not mourning EVD's death alone. Says that the world is mourning with them. Tells TD that EVD lived a life that kings and princes would have envied and that his name will go down in history. Remarks that he was going to send EVD a poem for his birthday but now he is sending to TD.
Letter to TD, 2/7/27. Writes that he hopes that TD is well and enjoying life. Asks that TD consider publishing some of the eulogies TD received in the wake of EVD's death. Expresses the hope someday to have a collection of "expressions of the poets and other great literary people, thinkers, dreamers and lover," who wrote about EVD.

Peck, Helen: Letter to TD, 11/8/26. Writes that TD has been in her thoughts ever since EVD's death. Says that she will never forget how kind TD was to her mother when someone close to her died. Remarks that her mother is on her way to Terre Haute, Indiana from Florida. Tells TD that she cannot believe that she is the mother of 6. Mentions that she has hoped for a long while to return to Terre Haute, Indiana for a visit.

Pendergrass, J. E.: Letter to EVD, 11/27/19. Writes that he lives in an area of Texas where poverty is not the exception but the rule. Says that he has a little orphan boy living with him who sits amusing himself by making miniature airplanes while he writes. Tells EVD on the eve of Thanksgiving he wonders how many people are adequately housed and clothed. Asks that EVD tell him what the common people have to be thankful for with EVD and Kate Richards O'Hare in prison. Remarks that children in the "Cotton South" rarely get more than 3 months of schooling in a year. Informs EVD that capitalism has so completely trampled upon the farmers of the South that most of them are entirely without hope. Explains that while the "bloodletting" of capitalism has not ended, the numbers of its direct victims is decreasing. Says that he is glad to know that EVD is still among the living and using his influence to promote the rights of humanity. Tells EVD that the "day of emancipation from economic bondage is one year nearer." Remarks that he knows that there must be a period of turbulence before the old system of society is replaced by the new one. Writes that his only education has been that which has gained "on the battle ground of the class struggle, the mill, mine, factory, field and the 'Prison.'" Informs EVD that he has many friends among the farmers.
Letter to EVD, 12/24/19. Writes that while he was pleased to hear from EVD through TD that he did not intend on adding to TD's already heavy burden. Says that no one can deny either EVD's or TD's loyalty to the cause. Tells EVD that the Judases of capitalism do not even have the decency to hang themselves for their oppressive ways. Says that this is perhaps due to the fact that capitalism has dulled the minds of capitalists and robbed them of their conscience. Remarks that despite these capitalists at no time has such great strides been taken to bring about a truly free and equal society. Informs EVD that Jesus Christ was crucified for stirring up the people. Writes that it is for a similar reason that EVD is now in prison. Assures EVD that the notion of "Peace on Earth, Good will Toward Men" will become a reality in the near future. Includes poems titled "To Kate and Gene" and "Brotherhood."
Letter to EVD, 3/30/20. Tells EVD that he has been trying to formulate a plan to get him out of prison. Writes that the only plan he has come up with is to emulate EVD's actions and submit to arrest and imprisonment and fill the prisons. Mentions that he hopes that he does not flinch when the time comes that he must be arrested. Remarks that socialists have been going to prison in great numbers ever since the world was made safe "from democracy." Tells EVD that despite these arrests the voice of revolutionary has been growing stronger around the globe. Says that he expects what is happening in Russia, Italy, Hungary, Germany and England to cross the Atlantic unless the powers that be "prevail upon Jehova to stop the Sun."

Penniston, J. B. SEE Kopelin, Louis

The People's College: Letter from EVD, 11/13/17. Writes that because of ill health he has been unable to keep up with his regular work. Says that while his health is improving that he still feels its necessary to cut down on his activities. Explains that he must therefore resign as president, chancellor, and advisory board member of the People's College. Remarks that he has often regretted not being able to give more personal attention to the People's College because he has always had a deep interest in its activities.

Pepperberg, A. G.: Untitled poem to EVD, 11/5/21.

Perkins, Maude R. Ingersoll: Letter to Emily Debs Mailloux, n.d. Says that she is writing to thank Emily Debs Mailloux for a gift that she sent.

Perman, Pearl: Letter to EVD, 12/20/19. Writes that she used to live in Toledo, Ohio where she never missed a chance to hear EVD speak. Says that she married about ten years ago and where upon she moved down South. Informs EVD that she and her husband's first son was named after EVD because EVD is "one of our noblest of men." Tells EVD that it is a crime that he has to undergo such bitter trials for only working for the betterment of mankind. Writes that it is a shame that the working people have not yet used their votes to remedy their situation. Remarks that she has not given up hope that their situation will improve. Says that it is hard for her to have a sense of good will when there are people determined that America's working classes shall "continue in slavery." Tells EVD that her sons always remember EVD every night in their prayers.
Letter to EVD, 2/5/20. Expresses the hope that EVD received a copy of the "beautiful" tribute to EVD written by Helen Keller. Writes that the letter TD sent her in response to the one she sent EVD brought tears to her eyes. Tells EVD that she cannot believe that he is in prison while there are so many "profiteers" and "money grabbers" who enjoy complete freedom and all the luxuries of life. Says that last week she saw Helen Keller's "wonderful" film titled "Deliverance." Remarks that Helen Keller's film is "teeming with good lessons against all sorts of ignorance and tyranny." Tells EVD that she thinks that film can become a great educational tool if properly used to lift up mankind. Explains that since does not believe in waiting until people are dead to give them their due that she would like EVD to know that he and Kate Richards O'Hare are "two of the most wonderful spirits of this age." Assures EVD that she would be proud to have her sons pattern their life after EVD. Writes that she became a socialist after her brother coaxed her to hear EVD speak.

Perry, John A.: Letter to TD, 11/10/?. Writes that he received TD's letter and the order for a plaster copy of the relief. Says that the bronze relief is now in his possession and that he will ship it to TD soon. Remarks that there was a print of the plaster cast that appeared in the NEW YORK CALL and that it will also appear in one of the publications put out by the Industrial Workers of the World. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be freed.

Person, Carl E.: Letter to EVD on Federation of Railway Employees letterhead, 6/6/13. Writes that he has run off 50,000 copies of the pamphlet in which EVD's article appears. Says that he will have more printed in a few weeks. Tells EVD that he would like to know if he wants him to run the same article or run a new one. Asks that EVD think about writing a new article on the Illinois Central System strike and "put lots of blood between the lines." Assures EVD that he would greatly appreciate it.
Letter from EVD, 2/14/14. Writes that since he is not certain whether or not Parson is allowed to receive mail that he is dropping a line merely to see if he can get through. Mentions that he has read Parson's appeal and clearly understands the situation he is in. Assures Parson that he will do everything that is in his power to make sure that Parson gets a "fair trial and a square deal."
Letter to EVD, 8/10/14. Writes that words cannot express how thankful he is for EVD's outspokenness regarding his situation. Says that he has been back in the ranks of the "revolting army" for several weeks and is currently preparing for his trial which will commence some time in September. Remarks that a few of the comrades in Clinton, Illinois are planning to put out a special edition of their newspaper before the trial. Mentions that they are planning to call it the "Murder Trial Edition." Asks that EVD consider including an article for the paper. Informs EVD that these comrades intend on printing a million copies of the paper to be distributed all across the country.
Letter to EVD on Person Murder Trial Edition of the STRIKE BULLETIN letterhead, 10/8/14. Tells EVD that he appreciated the kind letter he sent and for all that EVD has done in bringing about his vindication.

Persons, Ellen: Letter to EVD on Second Congress of the Labour and Socialist International letterhead, 8/26/25. Writes that she received EVD's "kind" letter this morning. Writes that she has received credentials to be a delegate at the Women's Conference. Tells EVD that she finds it interesting to be at the Second Congress of the Labour and Socialist International and to meet several people who were only names to her before. Mentions that she is glad to know that EVD survived his tour of California.

Pervuninsky, Feodor, Postcard to EVD in Russian, 11/5/17. Says that he is a German prisoner of war who is willing to get more acquainted with the revolutionary movement that began in 1905-1906. Tells EVD that he would like him to ask some of the Russian socialists that he knows to send suitable books to his detention camp or contact the organization in charge of providing relief for Russian prisoners of war.

Peterson, Clytie: Letter to EVD, 3/23/21. Expresses the hope that EVD us out of prison by May Day. Says that she plans on sending EVD a picture postcard to make his cell much brighter. Remarks that she hopes that her group will send goodies to the prisoners on May Day just like it did for Christmas.
Postcard to EVD, 3/27/21. Says that she is writing to wish EVD a happy Easter.
Letter to EVD, 7/26/21. Writes that she hoped to write sooner but that she had to practice piano. Says that her family went to the beach yesterday. Mentions that school will start for her soon and that she will be kept very busy. Says that her sister is contacting girls in other states to organize junior prison comfort clubs all over the country so that more can be done for America's political prisoners.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 7/27/21. Asks that TD write to Peterson and tell her that he thinks that her letter was sweet. Remarks that he certainly appreciates the good work that she and her family are doing.
Letter to EVD, n.d. Expresses the hope that EVD is freed by Christmas. Says that she has heard so much about EVD that she almost considers him her grandfather. Writes that she has learned about EVD at her socialist Sunday school. Tells EVD that she is 8 years old and belongs to a junior prison comfort club which her sister organized in September of 1920.

Peterson, Ida: Letter to EVD, 7/12/20. Tells EVD that the weather in Georgia must be unbearable to him. Expresses the hope that EVD will be more comfortable this year than he was last year. Writes that she also hopes that like Kate Richards O'Hare that EVD will soon be on his way home. Remarks that EVD would have been pleased if he had been at the Rialto Motion Picture Theatre in New York City, New York last week because every time EVD's image appeared on the screen it received an ovation. Mentions that EVD received much greater applause than any of the other candidates from socialists and non-socialists alike. Tells EVD that she was born and brought up in Sweden, the first country with an all socialist cabinet. Remarks that the premier is much like EVD. Assures EVD that she is proud to have lived to see what her father struggled for come to fruition as well as a Russia without a czar and a Prussia almost freed from militarism. Tells EVD that in 1914 when she went back to visit her homeland that there were 15,000 to 20,000 workers participating in May Day demonstrations. Says that she pointed out EVD to her daughter before a suffrage rally in 1915. Expresses the hope that she does not bore EVD with her stories. Writes that she just wanted to show EVD just how much he is in her mind. Assures EVD that he should poll about 4 million votes in the upcoming election.
Letter to EVD, 7/12/20. Writes that she is happy to know that EVD will soon be released from prison. Says that she has heard that there is going to be appeal after appeal until EVD and the rest of America's political prisoners are back with their loved ones. Remarks that she knows that EVD and the others will forgive the wrongs that have been done to them because "truly great spirits can never condemn the weak." Tells EVD that she recently had the pleasure of reading Scott Nearing's work THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. Remarks that the history covered in Scott Nearing's book was "almost unknown" to her. Tells EVD that she just loves Scott Nearing. Includes a sketch titled "A Heading for August" drawn by Peterson's daughter.

Peterson, Mrs. Louis R.: Letter to EVD, 12/19/19. Tells EVD that she is writing only to show her love and devotion to him. Assures EVD that justice will win out in the end. Writes that if it was possible that she would serve out the rest of EVD's prison sentence. Says that she is uneducated and hence cannot do as much as EVD to "awaken the slumbering world" to socialism. Tells EVD that she is praying for the time that she can see his face again because he is "the greatest man on Earth today." Remarks that she has a picture hanging up her house. Explains that like EVD she, too, is a admirer of John Brown's even though her father fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Tells EVD that she prays for a time when Jesus Christ will speak peace to the troubled hearts of humanity.

Pettigrew, R. F.: Letter to EVD, 8/24/16. Writes that H. L. Loucks of South Dakota could help EVD with the farmers of Indiana. Says that H. L. Loucks was the author of the Populist platform of 1890 which called for the public ownership of land and the means of transportation and communication. Informs EVD that H. L. Loucks has recently written a book on the money question.
Letter to TD on Park Hotel, Mount Clemens, Michigan letterhead, 11/26/17. Writes that he is sorry to hear that EVD is ill. Tells TD that EVD is one of the greatest men that he has ever met. Informs TD that he is sending him a copy of the essay which he mailed to member of Congress at the time they were contemplating a draft law. Includes an essay titled "Making the World Safe--For Hypocrisy" saying that the government should pay conscripted soldiers $100 a month for their services, that is, the government should "hire the men to do the fighting and draft the money, instead of drafting the men and hiring the money."

Peyton, David C.: Letter to EVD on Indiana Reformatory letterhead, 12/1/13. Tells EVD that it is gratifying to have a man like EVD commending his efforts to "work for humanity and a better citizenship." Assures EVD that he is glad to have his cooperation and approval. Writes that he is sure there is a day in the future when the state of Indiana will recognize it has no right to penalize or confiscate the labor of prisoners but that it is the state's job to give these prisoners a common school education and to teach them some kind of trade. Expresses the hope that one day the state of Indiana will purchase a tract of land where prison inmates could learn scientific farming methods and horticulture. Assures EVD that he is totally against brutalizing inmates because such punishment does nothing but to bring out the most undesirable traits in people. Remarks that he read EVD's article "My Political Faith" with great pleasure. Writes that he would like to have EVD as a guest to his reformatory some time.

Pflugam, George F.: Letter to EVD, 10/3/20. Writes that he has just read an article in the NEW YORK WORLD by EVD. Says that although he has followed EVD's career for a long time it did not occur to him until after he read the NEW YORK WORLD article just how sincere and powerful his words were. Tells EVD that God is with him.

Phifer, Lincoln: Photocopy of letter from EVD, 1/18/21. Says that Phifer has been a "loyal and loving" comrade throughout his entire period of trial and separation. Writes that Phifer's last message touched him deeply. Tells Phifer that he has always been kind to him. Asks that Phifer send his greetings on to his brother-in-law, Fred Warren.
Letter to EVD, 7/19/21. Writes that he was thinking yesterday about the old APPEAL TO REASON days. Assures EVD that he has become "very great" during the last two years of his imprisonment. Says that EVD should take some consolation in the fact that one of his great causes--industrial unionism--is sweeping the country. Remarks that the seeds that were planted are springing up in the most unexpected places. Says that since he left the APPEAL TO REASON he started a paper called the NEW WORLD and then sold it. Writes that then he became a reporter for the KANSAS CITY KANSAN. Tells EVD that Jon Wayland tried to shoot himself but only suffered a scalp wound.
Letter to EVD, 10/19/21. Writes that he read in today's paper where J. I. Sheppard died. Says that he has been unable to do anything today but think of J. I. Sheppard because he was such a rare soul. Tells EVD that even in prison he is doing great work. Assures EVD that his soul is with him. Remarks that he is still writing for the KANSAS CITY KANSAN. Informs EVD that he heard that Fred Warren's wife is in poor health. Also informs EVD that Fred and his wife are getting ready to move to Chicago, Illinois. Remarks that Alex Howat is still in prison. Says that he has written a companion volume to his HAMLET IN HEAVEN called MACBETH THE DAMNED but is currently unable to find a publisher for it. Tells EVD that as long as he is in prison that he is not free.
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, 12/22/22. Writes that Phifer's message touched his heart. Says that she and Katherine Debs bless Phifer's "sweet and hospitable home."
Photocopy of letter from EVD, 2/16/23. Writes that he read Phifer's letter and manuscript about the APPEAL TO REASON with a deep sense of appreciation. Tells Phifer that his manuscript about the APPEAL TO REASON brought back many memories of those years of "vision and trial, of tragedy and revelation." Assures Phifer that he hold him in the same esteem that Phifer holds him as exhibited in the pages of the manuscript. Remarks that he is about to leave for Chicago, Illinois as part of an organizing campaign for the Socialist Party. Mentions that he will try to convince the Socialist Party's national office to publish Phifer's manuscript. Explains that the only trouble with asking the national office to publish the manuscript is that it is practically bankrupt. Tells Phifer that he agrees with him that they should get together again and "live over again the days we sat side by side in the service of the cause and stood shoulder to shoulder fighting its battles."
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, 9/15/23. Writes that he is sending his greetings to Phifer and his entire family.
Photocopy of letter from EVD, 8/13/25. Writes that he and TD recently returned from California after a strenuous tour to rebuild the Socialist Party on the Pacific coast. Tells Phifer that the paper he plans on starting will not begin publication until January. Says that the trouble with the paper will be a lack of funds.
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, postmarked 12/17/25. Writes that he is sending his love to Phifer and his family.
Letter to EVD, 8/10/26. Writes that on his way to Bear Lake, Michigan he made a stop in Chicago, Illinois to see some of the old APPEAL TO REASON comrades. Remarks that he was hoping to see EVD while he was up there and was disappointed to learn that he was not in the area. Assures EVD that he appreciates all the work he has done for the cause. Tells EVD that the plutocracy will crumble and create a window of opportunity for socialists. Says that the idea of socialism is much more diffuse than it used to be.
Letter to TD and Katherine Debs, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.
Photocopy of letter from EVD on Lindlahr Health Resort letterhead, 10/21/?. Writes that he deeply appreciated Phifer's last letter. Says that he received the copies of the trilogy the KANSAS CITY KANSAN that he sent. Assures Phifer that the KANSAS CITY KANSAN is quite a paper. Remarks that he noted what Phifer said about the APPEAL TO REASON and agrees that he, too, regrets the changes it has undergone. Writes that nevertheless he will remember the APPEAL TO REASON with fondness.
Form letter, n.d. Writes that the Phifer Features Syndicate Service has established offices for the purpose of producing a high class half column for daily newspapers in small cities. Includes a clipping by Lincoln Phifer on EVD.
Poem titled "The Parallel," n.d.
Photocopy of postcard from EVD, n.d. Tells Phifer that his greetings were sweet. Expresses the hope that love fills Phifer's life as well as that of his family.

Phillips, Albert: Letter to Albert Phillips on Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman and Enginemen letterhead, 7/2/36. Writes that since he was a great admirer of EVD's that he feels no qualms about calling TD "Brother Debs." Says that while on a recent trip to Denver, Colorado he met up with William F. Hynes who gave him TD's address. Reminds TD that William F. Hynes played a critical role in the early history of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen. Remarks that through William F. Hynes he has learned a great deal about the history of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen. Tells TD that he would like to visit him in Terre Haute some time and discuss such men as Frank P. Sargent, F. W. Arnold, S. M. Stevens, John J. Hannahan, and others who were active in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen.

Phillips, J. A.: Letter to EVD on The Order of Railway Conductors letterhead, 4/21/18. Tells EVD that the position the Socialist Party took towards the war was "suicidal." Writes that even though he disagrees with the Socialist Party's stance, however, he assures EVD that he will continue to support the it. Remarks that before he falls in line with the party that he must tell EVD what he finds objectionable about its policy. Says that the Socialist Party's war policy has resulted in the imprisonment of several of the party's best comrades by giving America's reactionary element a chance to settle "old scores." Asserts that the socialists of Belgium, France, Italy, and England are right to fight against the "Kaiser and his Military Machine" not only because is it in the working classes' best interest but also because a better society cannot be created until Germany is defeated. Argues that the Socialist Party should be demanding the nationalization of America's integral war industries rather than fighting for the repeal of the conscription laws. Says that the Socialist Party needs to think more carefully about its tactics in order to get the results it wants. Tells EVD that he should change his position and make the Socialist Party do likewise.
Letter from TD, 4/4/37. Writes that he is sorry to have missed Phillips when he was in Terre Haute, Indiana. Says that he notes that aligning the Order of Railway Conductors with the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen can be a dangerous proposition because of the Brotherhood's tendency to use "disreputable methods and tactics." Tells Phillips that the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainman's organizational predecessor, Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen, completely undermined the Switchmen's Union by entering an agreement with Marvin Hughitt who fired the members of the Switchmen's Union on his line and filled the posts with railway men from the Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen. Remarks that it was after this incident that EVD parted ways with the Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen. Informs Phillips that he thinks his statement on amalgamation is "fine, frank, and clear and leaves not a shadow of doubt as to the position of conductors and switchmen in this most important matter." Tells Phillips that he is right to amalgamate but warns him that it must be done with a spirit of decency and fair play otherwise it will not work. Remarks that he has been reading the copies of LABOR that Phillips has been sending. Assures Phillips that there is much that is vital that is contained in this publication.
Letter from TD, 5/10/37. Writes that he received the pages from the LOCOMOTIVE FIREMEN'S MAGAZINE that Phillips returned. Says that he hopes the articles came in handy when confronting the leader of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen with his own "exhibitions of his perfidy."

Phillips, J. E.: Telegram to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the Painter's Union of Seattle, Washington.

Phillips, P. D.: Letter to EVD, 5/4/26. Writes that when he heard the poem "The Men in the Road" by Walter J. Gresham he thought of EVD. Says that it seemed to sum up much of EVD's life. Includes a poem titled "The Men in the Road."

Phillips, William M.: Poem titled "My Mother Sleeps," n.d.

Pickens, William SEE Michel, Louis

Pierce, Julian: Letter to TD on Research Department, American Federation of Labor letterhead, 11/14/29. Writes that in James A. Hyland's book titled ROME AND THE WHITE HOUSE he spends one of the chapters discussing "Religious and Political Heresies." Tells TD that in this chapter James A. Hyland calls EVD a leader of the communist movement because of his attempt to "incite, provoke and encourage resistance in the United States." Asks that TD inform him if EVD ever affiliated himself with the communist movement in America.

Pierson, C. U.: Letter to EVD, 10/18/26. Writes that he read in the DENVER POST that EVD is ill. Expresses the hope that EVD's health is soon restored. Tells EVD that he had seen him since the American Railway Union convention of 1894.

Pierson, R. H.: Letter to EVD on Chandler Pump and Supply Company letterhead, 4/25/20. Writes that tears came to his eyes after reading an interview that EVD had done. Says that he honor's EVD's immense goodness. Remarks that although he supports EVD that he hopes that he never gets saddled with the responsibilities associating with the Presidency. Tells EVD that he hopes society can be adjusted through orderly matters and not through violence. Mentions that he thinks most of the problems with the world comes from "covetousness." Assures EVD that he will continue to defend him wherever he is unjustly maligned.

Pike, W. C.: Untitled Poem to EVD, n.d.

Piltz, Mrs. Carl: Letter to TD and Katherine Debs, 10/24/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Pinchot, Amos R. E.: Letter to TD on Amos R. E. Pinchot, Counsellor At Law letterhead, 11/8/17. Writes that he appreciated TD's kind letter of 11/2/17. Says that he would be glad to send TD 4 more copies of the letter he wrote to the Congress's conference committee.
Letter to TD, 11/23/18. Tells TD that he is sending him 2 copies of a letter he wrote on the peace question. Asks that TD send one of the copies to EVD.

Pine, Max: Letter to Otto Branstetter, 5/2/21. Writes that he has been instructed by the United Hebrew Trades to discuss with Otto Branstetter the misunderstanding that developed over the matter of the amnesty movement for political prisoners. Says that it was with regret that the United Hebrew Trades had to tell its union members not to participate in the demonstration in Washington on 4/13/21. Informs Otto Branstetter that the leaders of the United Hewbrew Trades did this because Otto Branstetter did not consult with them before directing their members to attend the demonstration. Tells Otto Branstetter that it would have looked odd to have the same representatives who met with Warren Harding on 4/4/21 to come under different auspices to do the same thing on 4/13/21.

Pinkham, Henry W.: Letter to EVD, 6/14/26. Writes that as secretary of the Association to Abolish War that he has several foreign correspondents. Says that in a letter to one of the correspondents he included a petition demanding the restoration of EVD's citizenship. Remarks that this petition was signed by several residents of the Island of Malta. Includes a petition for the restoration of EVD's citizenship signed by 32 people.

Pintow, David: Letter to EVD, 5/15/15. Writes that he has just finished reading David Karsner's book about EVD. Says that he got the book after hearing August Claessens speak about socialism and the Socialist Party in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Tells EVD that he is 11 years old and that his father often reads to him from the JEWISH TIMES. Asks that EVD come to New Bedford, Massachusetts when he gets out of prison.

PITTSBURGH SOCIALIST: Letter to EVD, 5/31/13. Asks that EVD write an article immediately to respond to what one person is saying about the situation in West Virginia. Tells EVD that the conditions in Allegheny County make it imperative that this charge be answered at once.
Letter from EVD, 6/1/13. Writes that he received the copy of JUSTICE that the PITTSBURGH SOCIALIST sent. Says that he has no time to "answer the drivel" which the JUSTICE contained. Tells the PITTSBURGH SOCIALIST that it will be receiving a full report of the West Virginia strike situation. Asks that the paper judge these "insane rantings" in light of this report.

Pixley, C. L.: Letter to EVD, 4/4/21. Writes that she was recently telling the little girl that is staying with her how much EVD reminded her of Jesus Christ. Says that the little girl responded by asking if EVD, like Jesus Christ, loves everybody. Assures EVD that she said yes. Tells EVD that if all American citizens had the franchise and all the votes they cast counted then he would have had 5,000,000 in the last election. Remarks that she knows that EVD never violated any espionage law or any other to end up in prison. Writes that the world is perishing because of a lack of a common brotherhood of man.
Note from EVD to TD on envelope postmarked 4/4/21. Asks that TD save Pixley's letter because there is soul in its message. Writes that it was one of the sweetest and most touching letters that he ever read. Asks that TD tell Pixley that EVD is a richer man for having read this letter.
Letter to TD and Katherine Debs, 10/24/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Tells TD and Katherine Debs that with EVD's death the sweetest soul since Abraham Lincoln's has been lost to the world. Remarks that he only met EVD once in Altoona, Kansas about 17 years ago.

Plotkin, Miss H.: Letter to EVD, 4/29/20. Writes that she has received a letter from TD. Says that she followed his directions and sent a letter to the Rand School. Tells EVD that on 4/14/20 there as an amnesty meeting at which it was decided to write letters to Woodrow Wilson and demand the release of all socialist prisoners. Remarks that her mother sent a telegram and she tried to send a registered letter. Says that she is not sure the postal worker sent it.
Letter to EVD, 5/24/20. Writes that he received EVD's note and was overjoyed by it. Says that she congratulates EVD on his nomination for President. Informs EVD that she has not yet heard from the Rand School regarding her request to learn more about socialism. Asks that EVD tell her if he receives a letter from Meyer Gerson who is an active member of the Brownsville, New York chapter of the Young People's Socialist League. Tells EVD that she saw his latest picture in the NEW YORK CALL.

Plunkett, Martin F.: Telegram to TD, 10/23/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the Socialist Party of Connecticut.

Pogany, Willy: Letter to EVD, 3/17/18. Tells EVD that the present is the most important epoch in the history of the world because it is the culmination of an evolutionary cycle as the system now in existence commits "suicide." Remarks that once the masses catch on to the "black arts of racial antagonism, religious prejudice, and national hatred," they will retard the influence of the old system in the new one.

Poland, W. C.: Letter to EVD, 12/?/20. Asks that EVD accept the verses he is sending him as a tribute to EVD's courage and patience. Says that these poems were inspired by the thought of EVD being held unjustly at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Includes poem titled "The Coming of the Millenium."

Poor, Katharine Hillwood: Writes that while she was thinking about EVD she wrote a poem about him. Poem titled, "E. V. D."

Port, Bertha: Letter to EVD, 12/22/20. Tells EVD that she is sorry that he has suffered so long. Expresses the hope that through his suffering EVD will bring good to the world. Also expresses the hope that Woodrow Wilson sets all of the political prisoners free.

Porter, Anna: Letter to TD, 11/9/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the San Jose branch of the International Labor Defense.

Portz, J. A.:
Letter to EVD, 7/9/17. Writes that he wanted to explain why he, as president of the St. Peter, Minnesota Chautauqua, felt it necessary to cancel EVD's speech in St. Peter, Minnesota to be given on 7/4/17. Says that there he was forced to cancel the speech because the State Safety Commission ruled that it would be "dangerous" to have EVD speak in St. Peter, Minnesota. Tells EVD that instead of subjecting him to a great deal of unpleasantness that he decided to cancel the engagement. Assures EVD that he regrets having to cancel EVD's speech.

Powers, Guy: Untitled poem to EVD, 11/11/19.

Powys, John Cooper SEE La Prade, Ruth.

Preston, A. C.: Letter to EVD, 6/17/26. Writes that he has been EVD's friend for many years. Says that he named his son after EVD. Tells EVD that he felt compelled to write because he saw a notice in a newspaper saying that EVD was ill. Expresses the hope that EVD reaches a ripe old age. Says that he is writing to cheer EVD up. Remarks that when EVD was released from prison he cried for joy. Writes that she wished some kind of power would strike the poor people of America and help them to see that EVD suffered in the same way as Jesus Christ.

Prevey, Marguerite: Letter to EVD on Marguerite Prevey, Optometrist and Optician letterhead, 10/7/18. Says that she is writing EVD to give him the list of speaking dates that she received today from the state secretary of the Socialist Party. Assures EVD that she a several other comrades will be on hand for EVD's speech in Canton, Ohio. Writes that she read the enjoyable story "Jimmy Higgins Meets the Candidate" yesterday. Expresses the hope that Katherine Debs is feeling rejuvenated after the trip she took to Chicago, Illinois. Remarks that Katherine Debs must worry a great deal about EVD when he is gone. Tells EVD that now that the Germans are willing to accept Woodrow Wilson's peace proposal that there should be a major conference occurring in the near future. Expresses the hope that American soldiers will be returned home by New Year's day.
Letter to TD on Fort Pitt Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania letterhead, 4/30/19. Tells TD that she will try to get to him the pictures she promised him some time this week. Writes that the pictorial in one of the recent issues of the NEW YORK CALL looks fine. Remarks that she received a letter from EVD yesterday. Tells TD that EVD sounds like he is on a "pleasure trip." Says that prison will wear on EVD and so that there must be something done to get him out. Remarks that she had two wonderful meetings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday. Mentions that she is looking forward to her visit with TD.
Letter to TD on Hotel Aragon, Atlanta, Georgia letterhead, 8/20/19. Writes that she is in Atlanta, Georgia to start habeus corpus proceedings on the question of the legality of EVD's transfer from the prison in Moundsville, West Virginia to the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. Tells TD that she hopes to use this case as a means of getting EVD released from prison. Says that it would be more of a victory to work for EVD's release rather than just waiting around for Woodrow Wilson to do it. Informs TD that she met with EVD for about an hour today. Says that EVD is not keen on her plan to file habeus corpus proceedings because he wants to do what it best for the rest of the political prisoners as well as himself. Remarks that although EVD looks a little thin he is in excellent spirits. Assures TD that EVD will get through his prison experience alright.
Postcard to TD, ?/?/19. Informs TD that she visited EVD this afternoon. Assures TD that EVD is fine. Asks that TD not worry about EVD.
Letter to EVD, 4/2/21. Writes that the days are long as she waits to hear word of EVD's release from prison. Assures EVD that he will soon be released from prison. Tells EVD that his 2 long years of imprisonment will never be erased from her memory. States that she appreciates what EVD has done for several of his inmates. Remarks that EVD's kindness proves her contention that the tendency in human nature is to be kind rather than vicious. Writes that the socialist movement is growing more and more interesting. Expresses the hope that EVD acquaints himself with all of the developments in the socialist movement when he gets out of prison. Says that there are petitions on their way to Washington from all over the country.
Letter to TD, 8/2/21. Writes that she saw EVD yesterday afternoon. Assures TD that EVD is in good shape both physically and mentally. Remarks that EVD weighs 160 pounds. Tells TD that the prospects of EVD's release some time in the next month are very good. Says that Samuel Castleton has been barred from the prison. Informs TD that Samuel Castle is in New York City, New York and Washington advertising himself as EVD's attorney. Tells TD that EVD says that he has no attorney. Mentions that she thought that the new warden at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia is okay. Says that she intends on staying in Atlanta, Georgia for about a week.
Letter to EVD, 8/6/21. Writes that she is on her way to New York City, New York in response to a telegram she received from J. Louis Engdahl. Says that she wished that EVD and Katherine Debs were going with her. Tells EVD that when he gets released from prison that he should do so in the quietest manner possible. Asks that when EVD gets released from prison that he give the warden a press statement for Jack Hernaday of the United Press. Says that EVD should consider how he wants to treat the press when he gets out of prison. Tells EVD that she received a letter from Katherine Debs today. Writes that Katherine Debs has been brave throughout EVD's ordeal. Asks that EVD wire her if he needs someone by his side when he gets released. Expresses the hope that EVD received the milk chocolate and cakes that she left for him.
Letter to Grace Keller on Russian Famine Relief Committee letterhead, 10/6/21. Writes that Mabel Dunlap Curry has spoken many time about the "splendid" work for amnesty that Keller has been doing. Assures Keller that the work she is doing is having an impact in Washington. Tells Keller that she is not sure anymore when EVD will be released. Says that the only thing to do is to continue sending letters to President and wait and see. Remarks that she received a letter from David Karsner today who is sure that EVD will be released very soon. Informs Keller that she is not expecting to see EVD released until after the settlement of a treaty between the United States and Germany.
Letter to EVD, 11/17/21. Tells EVD that he is constantly in her thoughts. Assures EVD that he has been with her mentally even though physically he has been in prison. Writes that she attended a meeting sponsored by the Civic and Commercial Club, several of the local churches, and the Central Labor Union at the armory in Akron, Ohio yesterday. Remarks that at this meeting 3 speakers voiced their opposition to the war, a local leader of the American Federation of Labor, a preacher, and a judge of the Ohio Supreme Court. Tells EVD that this demonstrates that people are now able to express with impunity sentiments similar to those that put EVD in prison in 1918. Assures EVD that he will soon be released from prison. Informs EVD that a war veteran presented a resolution to the President that demanded that amnesty be granted to EVD and 140 other political prisoners. Mentions that there were 8 women at the doors of the Washington arms conference picketing for the limitation of armaments. Writes that she was proud of each one of those women. Tells EVD that if these women should need reinforcements that she will be on the next train to Washington. Remarks that she was peeved at Kate Richards O'Hare and Frank O'Hare for some letters that they sent out to socialists. Tells EVD that his is the real victory. Remarks that both William Z. Foster and George R. Kirkpatrick will be coming to Akron, Ohio to speak. Says that once EVD gets out of prison he should start speaking again where he left off--either in Cleveland, Ohio or Canton, Ohio. Mentions that she moved her bookstore to a more attractive location. Writes that she is still on the same block as Hervey Minns.
Letter to TD on Holden Hotel, Dayton, Ohio letterhead, n.d. Writes that the last letter that she received from EVD was encouraging. Tells TD there have been 160 indictments against members of the Communist Party, the Communist Labor Party, and the Industrial Workers of the World in Cook County, Illinois. Remarks that she was among those indicted but that she has not yet been arrested. Says that the arrest might come tonight while she is speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Letter to EVD on Kimball House, Atlanta, Georgia letterhead, n.d. Writes that she has thought of EVD several times since she saw him yesterday. Tells EVD that she just wished that she could take him home. Remarks that she wrote to TD, Katherine Debs, and Mabel Dunlap Curry and told them that EVD was in good spirits. Informs EVD that the warden said that she could have another visit before she left. Says that she was a guest at the recent Women's Political Club dinner where she heard 3 state representatives speak. Mentions that she saw the movie "Without Benefit of Clergy." Tells EVD that his favorite movie actor--Tom Mix--is also a favorite of Warren Harding and his wife. Assures EVD that one day she will take him to see a Tom Mix movie and he can laugh all that we wants to.
Typewritten transcription of letter from EVD, 12/30/?. Writes that Prevey will be pleased to read the letter he received from Rose Strunsky Walling, the wife of William English Walling. Says that she is "one of the loftiest souls and one of the most brilliant writers in the entire revolutionary movement." Informs Prevey that Rose Strunsky Walling's letter was one of the most beautiful that he has ever received. Asks that Prevey answer the letter under her own name. Writes that she has always had the upmost admiration for Rose Strunsky Walling and her sister. Remarks that Rose Walling Strunsky is the author of a remarkable book about Abraham Lincoln. Asks that Prevey send Rose Walling Strunsky his regards.

Price, Mr. and Mrs. Arlie: Telegram to Gertrude Debs Marguerite Debs Cooper, 4/14/45. Sends condolences on TD's death.

Prince, Mrs. Dave: Letter to EVD, 4/2/21. Says that there is nothing more gratifying than writing EVD. Writes that she lives in the hills of Tennessee. Remarks that the message of springtime is liberty and freedom. Assures EVD that he has been the central theme of her tireless prayers. Says that since EVD stood up for his rights he has become a victim of slavery. Tells EVD that she thanks God that EVD was sent to earth.

"Prison Friends:" Untitled poem to EVD, 11/25/20. Includes a note stating that the poem was written by one of the inmates at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia and was presented to him on Thanksgiving morning.

Pritchett, Mr. and Mrs. Harley A.: Letter from TD, 1/14/34. Says that he is writing to wish Mr. and Mrs. Harley A. Pritchett a happy 50th wedding anniversary. Writes that Mr. and Mrs. Harley A. Pritchett have been good neighbors over the past fifty years.

Prosser, William A.: Letter to EVD on United Peoples Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania letterhead, 3/26/17. Says that he has been wanting to thank EVD for the splendid meeting at the Lyceum and for all the work he has done for the advancement of the social democracy movement in America. Writes that the Lyceum meeting was an important affair so it was good that EVD made a lasting impression on the audience. Assures EVD that such speeches will ultimately unite the proletariat and bring the social democracy into fruition. Remarks that the pamphlet he dedicated to EVD has just come off the presses. Tells EVD that he is sending a copy under a separate cover.

Purcell, A. A.: Letter to EVD, 11/27/25. Writes that he is now back home in England and wanted to send EVD a picture which he pleads that EVD accept. Says that his trip from the American Federation of Labor meeting to Mexico was a success. Remarks that he gave the President of Mexico EVD's greetings. Tells EVD that from Mexico he went to Kansas City, Kansas, St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio, Toronto, Canada, Montreal, Canada, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, New York. Assures EVD that in each of these cities he found evidence of a working class yearning for action and change. Mentions that meeting EVD in New York City, New York was one of the highlights of his visit to America. Says that he has followed EVD's activities since 1896. Writes that EVD has done much to help inspire change in America.

Putnam, Frank: Letter to EVD, 7/1/14. Writes that it was heartening to get a letter from EVD. Says that over the past year he has been having a tough time providing for his family. Tells EVD that he was blacklisted by the daily papers in Texas for fighting the "railroad and political exploiters" there. Remarks that he is now in St. Louis while the rest of his family is still in Houston, Texas. Informs EVD that yesterday the voters of St. Louis, Missouri adopted a charter for municipal ownership. Mentions that on the same day his wife traded some land for a house, the first one he and his wife have had in 25 years. Says that at 45 he is still encouraged that evolution to a higher form of civilization is possible.
Letter to TD on Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company letterhead, 3/8/18. Writes that nobody who ever knew EVD could fail to love him. Says that he thought EVD might be interested in reading about Victor Berger's platform and so he is sending a copy of it for EVD. Remarks that he has been out of touch with the socialist movement for a long time but when he heard that Victor Berger was running for office that he helped him draft his platform because "his candidacy offered an opportunity to present the issue stripped of passion, in practical, blunt terms of American interest." Tells EVD that he does not believe that America can bring salvation to Europe and Germany through war. Writes that some people say Victor Berger has a real chance to win the election. Mentions that Victor Berger's election will serve as a test of public sentiment towards American involvement in the war.
Letter to TD, 11/6/20. Tells TD that the election on 11/2/20 was not an election but an "eviction." Says that the desire to kick Woodrow Wilson out of office submerged all the other issues in the election. Assures TD that with the large increase of the socialist vote in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that the Socialist Party will overcome its current handicap in that city in about 2 years. Writes that Bolshevism will not serve the American movement well. Remarks that American socialists must not attach themselves to un-democratic governments. Says that he share's EVD's sympathy with the spirit of the Russian revolutionary movement but that he is steadfastly opposed to the idea of a dictatorship of the proletariat.
Letter to EVD, 1/19/25. Writes that he was delighted to receive an autographed copy of DEBS AND THE POETS. Says that it is to EVD that he owes his commitment to serving the cause of democracy.
Letter to EVD, 3/9/25. Writes that he is enclosing a carbon copy of a letter he wrote to E. T. Clark, the secretary to Calvin Coolidge. Says that he is also enclosing a clipping from the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL. Asks that EVD tell him when his birthday is.
Letter to E. T. Clark, 3/9/25. Tells Clark that he received a letter from James A. Finch, a pardon attorney for the Department of Justice in which he said that it is unlikely that EVD lost his citizenship rights. Says that EVD believes that since he was not pardoned but had his sentence commuted that his citizenship rights were not restored after getting out of prison. Asks that Clark bring the matter before Calvin Coolidge and ask him to pass an executive order to insure that EVD's citizenship rights have been restored.
Letter to John G. Sargent, 3/21/25. Writes that if Sargent does not receive the letter being forwarded from the President's office that he should ask for it and give it great consideration. Says that the war is over and that there is no reason to continue punishing EVD for speaking his opinions.
Letter from John G. Sargent, 3/26/25. Tells Putnam the he received his letter regarding the restoration of EVD's civil rights. Says that James A. Finch is correct in stating the status of EVD's citizenship.
Letter to John G. Sargent, 4/1/25. Writes that he is sorry that Sargent will not recommend to Calvin Coolidge that EVD's citizenship rights should be restored. Tells Sargent that it is the right of the American people, as set forth in the Constitution, to "freely discuss the public acts and policies" of their government. Informs Sargent that Congress violated the Constitution when it created a law that led to the arrest and conviction of EVD for "peacably assembing with his friends to discuss the public acts and policies of their public servants." Assures Sargent that EVD committed no crime but instead had a crime committed against him. Writes that Sargent should realize that it would be "politically profitable" to restore EVD's citizenship rights.
Letter to EVD, 4/6/25. Writes that he appreciated the papers that EVD sent. Says that he is glad that the Socialist Party has laid plans to have thousands of letters be sent to Calvin Coolidge demanding that EVD's citizenship rights be restored.
Letter to James C. White, 4/6/25. Writes that since EVD's entire case was unprecedented that he does not feel that Calvin Coolidge needs a precedent to restore EVD's citizenship rights without it having been applied for. Says that never in American history has a 5 time Presidential candidate been deprived of his civil rights for speaking his opinions. Remarks that the situation arose as a product of "Wilsonian hysteria" and that nothing could be more meritable than to get Calvin Coolidge to restore EVD's citizenship rights. Says that the Republican Party must not become like the Democratic Party and trample the rights of the people.
Letter to EVD, 4/15/25. Tells EVD that he should think about filing a petition for the restoration of his citizenship rights because it will be the only way for him to get them back. Says that he knows of EVD's unwillingness to ask for his citizenship rights back but that it is the only means available to enable EVD to lead his party in the next Presidential election. Assures EVD that he wants to be able to cast his vote for EVD in the 1928 election.
Letter to EVD, 4/24/25. Tells EVD that he is enclosing a letter that he sent to John G. Sargent.
Letter to John G. Sargent, 4/24/25. Writes that after advising EVD to make formal application for the restoration of his citizenship rights that he received a letter from EVD in which he said that it would be to compromise his principles to ask for the restoration of his rights. Tells Sargent that if the government if ever to restore EVD's rights it will have to do it voluntarily. Informs Sargent that if the Republican Party would go and restore EVD's citizenship rights then it would signify the "Republican party's purpose to get the country back under a reign of constitutional guaranties."
Letter to TD, 5/14/25. Writes that he is glad that EVD is going abroad. Tells TD that once he regains his strength he is going to write a series of letters to enlist the help of "the more couragous and liberal leaders of both parties" to get justice for EVD.
Note to EVD, 12/9/25. Tells EVD that his letter to J. Pierpont Morgan is a long shot.
Letter to J. Pierpont Morgan, 12/9/25. Writes that he is trying to persuade Calvin Coolidge to restore EVD's citizenship rights. Tells Morgan that EVD cannot petition for the restoration of his own rights as the Department of Justice would like him to do because it would force EVD to lose his self respect. Asks that Morgan, in support of the "American traditions of freedom and fair play," try to convince Calvin Coolidge to give EVD back his citizenship rights.
Letter to TD, 3/26/26. Writes that he is sending TD a letter he wrote to Morris Hillquit. Remarks that he was glad to see that EVD and Katherine Debs went to Bermuda for some rest and relaxation.
Letter to Morris Hillquit, 3/26/26. Writes that he is enclosing copies of the letters he received from John G. Sargent, James A. Finch, James C. White, writing on behalf of William M. Butler, and William E. Borah regarding the restoration of EVD's citizenship rights. Says that he letters show that in James A. Finch's opinion that EVD lost his citizenship rights as a result of his conviction, that in John G. Sargent's opinion that Calvin Coolidge would be glad to restore EVD's citizenship rights if EVD petitions for it, and that in William Butler's opinion that Calvin Coolidge has no authority to restore EVD's citizenship without formal application by EVD.
Letter to J. Mahlon Barnes, 4/21/26. Asks that Barnes mail a copy of the AMERICAN APPEAL's special "Debs Citizenship Issue" to each member of Congress, to the justices on the Supreme Court, to the editors of all Wisconsin state daily newspapers, to the President and his cabinet, and 25 copies mailed directly to him. Asks that Barnes consider publishing the article he has enclosed regarding the restoration of EVD's citizenship rights. Includes an article in which he demands that EVD's citizenship rights be restored.
Letter to TD, 5/30/26. Writes that although he received TD's letter stating that there is nothing left for him to do to get EVD's civil rights restored, he has thought of one more thing. Tells TD that he would like to donate money for a fund for EVD to fight for his rights in court. Informs TD that he would like to give $50 for such a purpose. Remarks that Sophie Braslau, who was once a Metropolitan Opera star, spent a few days with him and his family. Says that Sophie Braslau saw a copy of LABOR AND FREEDOM, a compilation of EVD's "miscellany," on the shelf and explained that her father was a great admirer of EVD's. Tells TD that Sophie Braslau would be glad to sing for EVD if ever the opportunity arose. Mentions that he gave Sophie Braslau his copy of LABOR AND FREEDOM and a copy of David Karsner's TALKS WITH DEBS IN TERRE HAUTE.
Letter to TD, 6/14/26. Tells TD that over the next couple of years EVD should run for local office, to accept the Socialist Party nomination for President, and, if his health permits, challenge the legality of the way in which he lost his civil rights. Writes that he wants to cast his vote one more time for the "greatest living American." Mentions that the world needs a book that tells the story of EVD's life.
Note to EVD, 10/19/26. Says that he sends his love to EVD.
Letter to TD, 1/2/33. Expresses the hope that the new year will bring TD improved health and great happiness. Says that TD's letter was good for him because it reminded him why he is "fighting for a human rank and file that forgets its ideals the minute a dictator promises to fill its empty belly." Assures TD that EVD was always his greatest inspiration.
Letter to TD, 12/11/33. Says that it was a pleasure for him to write to the HOUSTON POST and state that EVD was one of the greatest rebels in all of American history. Tells TD that recalls the first time he met EVD many years ago in Houston, Texas and heard him speak at the City Auditorium before 7,000 Texans with only a slight acquaintance with socialism. Remarks that he met EVD at the railroad station and drove him into town. Writes that he followed EVD's career ever since. Expresses the hope that TD is in good spirits. Remarks that he has been spending his time trying to obtain a constitutional tax exemption for owners of small homesteads on the state as well as the city, county, and district level. Informs TD that he supports this exemption because it would give the "average man" the "absolute, inalienable title to the roof they dwell under, the ground beneath their feet."
Letter from TD, 12/21/33. Says that if it had not been for his health he would have answered Putnam's letter long ago. Writes that he appreciated that Putnam gave EVD a place of honor in his article for the HOUSTON POST on American rebels. Remarks that it was not until after the Pullman Strike that EVD developed into a full-fledged revel. Assures Putnam that his article touched the depths of his soul. Tells Putnam that his description of EVD's first meeting in Houston, Texas was typical of many others. Mentions that these meetings would not have been possible without the capitalist press which was so venomous of its characterization of EVD that it led thousands of people to hear him speak out of sheer curiosity. Assures Putnam that he is doing noble work. Says that if there is anyone who deserves a tax exemption it is those who scrimp and save to provide a shelter for their family. Writes that he would wish Putnam a merry Christmas but with millions of people unemployed and in distress that such a wish seems inappropriate.

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